Playing Apex has made me realise. .

TS didn’t realise the difference between tac shooter and arcade FPS/moba.

Playing apex made me realise how charismatic the OW heroes are. In apex they’re all cheesy and embarrassing, like they’re trying too hard to be cool. I stopped playing because they’re so irritating.

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M O Z A M B I Q U E. H E R E


I believe Jeff Kaplan responded to this topic a while back, saying that OW is more of a strait forward objective format and they were worried a ping system would add more visual clutter than do good.

I kinda get it, I mean we already have pointless call outs like “Attack the objective” – it’s like “oh really, is that would I should be doing?!”


Ping system with 6 players is insane. You would have to mute literally half the team anyway. Imagine when someone dies and start spamming the ping where the enemy is? in Apex is bad, with 4 dudes it has to pump veins in the Brain.


I hope you understand the purpose ping plays and why it works well in Apex/Warzone, and why it wouldn’t work in Overwatch.


Think that’s only for Mercy, not sure.

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Blizzard already tried it in early development, but it might be back in OW2, who knows?

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Sometimes people forget their objective…

Big issue here is that with six players on each team a ton of pings would be going on at the same time, which would be more confusing then helpful most of the time. Maybe a voting system to promote a “shotcaller who can ping” in the beginning would work, but that’s up to the developers.

Are you referring to the apex devtream that called its own playerbase freeloaders and other insulting terms? Sure, lol.

People would just spam it to grief like the “need healing” or “thank you” options. You could then hope they added a mute pings option, but that still takes you time to go into the menu and mute the person’s pings.

It’d be helpful, but would get abused a lot more compared to how many benefits it’d have.

The “Thanks” of Apex.

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Playing Apex made ME realize that… Battle Royales are indeed stupid and mindless affairs. WAY too little action for the length of time played. Imagine if you had to spend 5 minutes running from your spawn to the objective each time… yeah, no thanks.

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Or you could just go into Voice chat…


The balance isn’t much better, Wraith has been the top character since release, and Loba has been bottom tier since she dropped, plus her bracelet has been broken for 2 seasons.

Plus EA’s monetization in Apex is deplorable, especially compared to Titanfall 2. Overwatch has a MUCH more consumer friendly loot box system.

Yeh. Apex has good mechanics because it is from Titan Fall 2.

But its a BR… so its boring AF.

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The pve in ow2 already has a ping system

I’m saying it would help. Doesn’t matter how bad a player is, they can hear: “I’m going here!” And have marginally more information. What they do with that information is unknown. But it is availible, much more precise than before.

I don’t think so. Just keep pings simple “I’m attacking here!”
“I’m setting up here!”
“Enemy here!”
They already have enemy spotted voiceline in the game, they would just move them to the wheel. This also exists with the Understood command, to a degree. If you aim at Point A, it will say “Attack/Defend the Objective!” Depending on what side you’re on.

Like I said above, keep it simple. Bc the maps are small, you don’t need a ton of them. And if you’re expected to be in VC, why is there an option to avoid it altogether?

Not to mention some ppl don’t have mics. And even if they have a mic,

We have a 4x limit on Voicelines and callouts. Put a 2x limit on Pings on the wheel, or just make them “cost” 2 callouts.

See reply directly above.

I do. That’s not the issue. See below:

I used to be a VC Sombra but I stopped using mic. It often works better if you just do your thing and try to work around your team than try to coordinate with them and fail most of the time.

I can imagine the screen clutter of having 6 people pinging different things at the same time can become a little unbearable though.