đź‘‘ Player Moderator Red Flag System

We need a new, more efficient way of dealing with abusers, smurfs, cheaters, and throwers in Competitive Mode. We need a clear voice so that players can have a real back-and-forth dialogue when submitting support tickets and appeals.

Side note: It is time to acknowledge smurfing as a problem and make an attempt to mitigate any unnatural and negative competitive experiences. I strongly believe if there is enough evidence, a Blizz Admin should be able to manually adjust a player’s SR.

Responsibilities of Player Moderators would include:
(Some of these are controversial but you get the general idea)

  • Helping to identify smurfing and assist in the process of manually correcting a user’s SR.

  • Muting players for abusive chat (text and voice)

  • Privately spectate live competitive matches where reports have been made

  • Issue Temp Bans for Gameplay Sabotage and Cheating

  • Respond to appeals and overturn strikes against account if there is evidence

  • The ability to reward back a team’s SR if there is evidence that the match was not fair (winning team doesn’t lose anything)

Anyway, I hope we can see more of this with Overwatch 2. I want to see a more engaged community that feels like it’s possible for their voices to be heard.

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Jeff recently did admit it’s a problem and said they’re working on a solution.

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I would be happy to be part of this :slight_smile:

But there is danger in leting too much power in player´s hands.
I think there should be safety measures to prevent abusing power. Like not allowing to group up ever, if player will be part of this.

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You the lucky one where i post it even though there are other threads that deserve this more:

Blizzard need to remove the OW forums. Without them the game would be 100000000000000000 times better. Also the ingame chat (not voice).

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Players mostly want report systems to bsn people that just don’t do something they think they should, not because anyone actually did anything wrong.

That’s why you need to start blaming a company who’s game allows the bad behavior not players.

There will always be leavers, throwers and trolls. But that they don’t face enough in game penalty isn’t supposed to be solved by player voting. It’s solved because there are actually worthwhile penalties for it, and the game is fun enough that people who play don’t want to screw the game up,


Gonna need them to manually correct my SR to GM ASAP. For balance

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He says that every year and the devs are still braindead as to how to fix the very basic issues with the game. Plenty of other games do it right but they just don’t want to admit how much of a failure they’ve been and by changing things that are big, they admit it.

The reporting system is already abused anyway with thousands and thousands of false reports a day b/c player A doesn’t like how player B plays or who they picked.

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were did he said that? And BTW I think we will kiss this old game goodby if they get banned. All of us who started 4 years ago have multiple accounts. We are going to que for 30 minutes to play this nonstop repetitive game ? I dont think so. In fact Im even bored to do the placement matches

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HARD NOPE. Leaving power in anyone’s hand is going to lead to abuse. That’s why the support staff have been neutered so heavily in the past 10 years (among other things). The support staff don’t necessarily know the games they help support very well and are just taught how to handle the tickets they are given.

Some may not even be gamers.


Not all of us.

I’ve been here since launch and I only have 1 account on Xbox and 1 account on PC that I think is barely level 25 as I don’t play PC much at all.

competitive player- “smurfing is a problem”

blizzard- “laughs in money”


"Not all of us have multiple accounts.

I only have multiple accounts"

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Yes, how immoral of the company that pays developers to update the game we all like so much every single week to accept money for doing so. What an evil corporation!

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Your right, the 49ers should be able to compete against highschool football teams and televise them literally ripping there bodies in half and decapitating them on the football field for sport. I mean, you dont find that immoral so why would blizzard?

just goes to show you how far from an actually competitive sport overwatch is.


Actually, yeah, if a high school football team and a professional team were both at a park just looking to play some football, there would be literally nothing wrong with them playing together. In fact, that high school team would probably really enjoy getting to play with those players.

I know that’s not what you’re talking about but selecting “competitive mode” and queing up for a game either alone or with a couple friends does not equate to “playing a competitive sport”.

If that’s something you’re interested in, there are Overwatch teams you can join all across the ladder and if you can’t find one, I know there are tons of people that would love to start one with you. There are also a lot of tournaments those team can enter that cater to players across a wide variety of skill levels.

Overwatch’s Competitive Que is not an E-Sport. It’s just a means for players to quickly find more serious games than they would in quick play. If you’re looking for an E-Sports experience, you should take steps to learn more about that.

this isnt just out on the playground playing random football. this is literally the same ladder that OWL pulls from. thats like saying that your just randomly entering into the olympics and you just so happen to go against a middle school team while your team is full of literally greek gods your out of your mind.

smurfing is not and will never be ok and no matter how much mental gymnastics you attempt to pull putting someone in a game against someone else and “claiming” it has a 50/50 win chance is at best dishonest and worst extortion.

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Not if you will pick right people. There are still good people you know. I was game admin for years and never abused my power even against people i didnt like.

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he said people who manipulate the rating system through throwing or boosting is a problem, not people who make an alt account

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That’s not what he said at all.

This is what he said:

He’s referring to a much more recent conversation Jeff had with content creators, he literally said that they do not have an issue with people making a second account just to play with other people, try other heroes or playstyles, but with people who try to manipulate the matchmaker by throwing or boosting.