Pink Mercy waiting room

And when you’re told they are out of stock do you constantly ask them again and again if they have it? No you don’t.


I have not been told no, actually

No one has.

further, there’s no problem discussing this legitimate ow-related topic on a forum explicitly set up to discuss ow-related topics

  1. here has not been a “no” for an answer

  2. there is nothing childish whatsoever in asking for an item that isnt currently available

I agree

Everyone has that choice - to speak up or remain silent

I choose to speak up

Many others on this thread and/or other Pink Mercy threads have chosen to do so as well

and given that this is a legitimate ow-related topic on a forum specifically set up to discuss ow-related topics, I like all forum members can choose to do so freely here

as I’ve already stated, we’ve not been told “no”

I see your argument, but I only ever remember OWL skins being limited in a rotation, like others have said.

Anyway— if they bring back the Blizzcon skins, they can bring back Pink Mercy imo. It’s that simple

100%. It’d be a horrible look for them. I’d be appalled honestly.

Find another company to collab with (BCRF); and Blizzard can collab with an animal foundation or something. Tons of places are worthy of receiving donations.


actually - quite the opposite - of course I do.

It is a product I want, and by politely expressing that I would like to purchase it, I make it more likely that the product will be stocked again.

here theis said its not coming back stop it

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except…BCRF has already declared in writing that they do want the offer to return

actually, thats not what this post says, nor is it what the next post (from Andy) says

I know. And it’s sad lol. A bad look. Again, I didn’t say they DENIED IT. I’m saying it looks bad… I’d be APPALED if they went through with it. :disguised_face:

They have stated there are no plans to bring it back. If that doesn’t mean “it’s not coming back” then what does?

Once again, yes there is. If you are told “no”, which you have been, constantly asking for it to come back is how a child acts.

You act like this is the only pink Mercy thread created? It isn’t “speaking up” when there’s a new thread about it almost everyday. We call that spam.

I honestly can’t imagine what you’re like in real life if you think this is normal behaviour, because it’s not.

I suppose if you have always gotten your way by never taking no for an answer and bugging people until they give in then that explains a lot.

There is nothing “polite” about asking everyday for something to come back when you’ve been told there are no plans to bring it back.


I have already fully clarified all of these items, and as such, I will not be discussing them further in this side discussion


You’ve clarified nothing, but if you’d like to avoid answering my questions then kindly don’t reply to this comment. :slight_smile:


i am just here to say “gottem”

Blizzard do listen to us players sometimes and if there’s a lot players having same or similar opinions, they have changed or added things to the game. Blizzard for example in OW1 added custom voice line to the Witch Mercy skin because of the forum, they nerf heroes and make hero changes to characters or maps and they have also brought a lot of limited time skins that a lot of of people have been asking for. Even the Noire Widow skin were available again when OW released on Switch like many people wanted. Blizzard do listen sometimes to the players suggestions.
Pink Mercy skin are the only skin purchasable inside the game that hasn’t come back yet and when almost all skins has come back at some point then the rest of them hopefully could also be released again in the future.


Waaaaah? Illidan Genji and Tyrande Symmetra were technically purchasable via bundle. Then there’s the Blue Winston… The Blue Bastion… etc… but go off

They’ve stated that there are no plans of bring back other skins too but then they’ve done that. Noire skin, OWL gray skins, and OWL are some to mention.


Yeah the the Blizzcon skins and Mercy are the only limited time skins left that hasn’t been available multiple times from what I can remember. Blizzcon skins were available outside of the game through the bundles but the Mercy were available similarly in the game to the OWL skins. However I think it would be nice if people had more opporunities to get the Blizzcon skins too, perhaps being able to buy older bundle when there’s new Blizzcons. Like Perhaps make an “ultimate blizzcon bundle” were you can get every single previous skin for a game or something lol.


Every single night before going to sleep I pray for overwatch gods for a second chance to get pink mercy as well as some of the other weekly challenge skins such as peppermint bark for brig. I am support main and a skin like that is a must for me but unlucky me I managed to miss that one.



Plans can and do change, especially when it comes to Overwatch


imagine care about skin that you can NOT see it in “first” person.

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