Pink Mercy Skin Request

The developers outright admitted they don’t take forum feedback in any sense of the word. Unsurprising, considering the forums doesn’t kiss their behinds the way Reddit and Twitter tend to.

That being said, a simple google search could have pointed you to the answer of both the devs regarding the skin, and the limited-time nature of said skin in the first place.

Also why on earth did you join a dying and mismanaged game community in the first place? Nobody is left playing this game but the addicts and trolls, dude, get out while you still can.


This is the only question in this thread I’m interested in.


you’re fine

some forum members feel that despite these forums being set up to discuss any ow-related topic, certain topics shouldnt be discussed

tho in truth, all such topics are open for discussion here

so worry not, you did nothing wrong nor do you deserve this treatment

sad but true


There is half a million pink mercy threads. I highly doubt they’ll re-add it.


IMO the best course would be to add another BCRF partnership event and then bring back the old skin + a new one.

Double whammy.


I highly doubt that there are anywhere close to a half million threads on this forum all time, counting ALL threads

There are absolutely nowhere near a half million Pink Mercy threads

not even remotely

further, as explained on other such threads, the unwritten (as far as I know) rule about not necroing threads creates the necessity to create new threads. If one would prefer that all conversation of a given topic be confined to one thread, one should approach the forum admins about changing this rule.

until such time as this changes, multiple threads over the course of time time will remain the case


but I believe they will re-add it

Many others do as well

Hence the ongoing discussion

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that’d be awesome :slight_smile:


I’m gonna have to disagree with you here. It’s because the forums is a weird cesspool of underserved rage and hate. Reddit and Twitter aren’t great, but it’s certainly better feedback than the forums will give.


Is it undeserved though? Is it really?

You look at the current state of the game and tell me people don’t have a right to be furious with the devs over it.

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Oh the game is a nightmare for the most part.

It’s not rage that I disagree with, but the intensity. It feels like the emotional calibration of the forums is off. People are mad about things that don’t matter, downright furious about stuff that they should be regular mad about.

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I’m more bitterly apathetic than anything else. I’m tired of this game, tired of these devs, tired of this wretched community. I used to be happy playing this game. I wish I could leave but I have to take whatever crumbs I can get until there’s an actual PvE game on the table.

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Thank you, it’s sad I had to wait over 8 years to play Overwatch - could not even install it on a mac to buy the pink mercy skin…


you are far from alone

also, there are many players who bought the skin on one or more accounts that they had at the time, and would like to add it to accounts they’ve created since then

theres clearly a lot of demand out there


I’m not sure if you’re actually new but if you notice people being rude about this it’s because everyone is sick and tired of a Pink Mercy post every week


Yeah, the rudeness to a new person is uncalled for. But we have this fight pretty often lol

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If you want Pink Mercy back, you agree with Megadodo.

Do the right thing and not want Pink Mercy back.

No one said doing the right thing was easy.


what is it about this skin in particular that keeps getting threads?

Lmaooooo I love you.


I have no idea, it’s not even that great? The custom sounds are annoying, and personally I hate the color pink.

I can only assume it’s because of the “magical girl” aesthetic and the fact that Mercy is such a popular character (which I also don’t understand, I only played her long enough to get her achievements and because she’s a ‘requirement’ in Archives missions).


Sounds like a lot of subjective things there. Many people have a lot of different likes/dislikes.

Might help you understand why others want it.