Pink Mercy Shirt Disaster

At least they aren’t Valve level bad customer service.

If the latest date of shipping is end of september, I would wait until october to really make a case and get mad.

Blizzard is far from perfect, and I support valid criticism against them. So don’t take me for fanboying over them.

Patience is a virtue. Not to sound mean, but, these things can take time.
Your story is emotional, and I understand where you, as a person are coming from.
But in this case you’re one person of literally hundreds of thousands, if not several million, who ordered this shirt. All with their own reasons as well.
You don’t get preferential treatment based on how much money you already spent on blizzard. :man_shrugging:


You’re not wrong in this regard about Overwatch but to completely ignore the fact you can buy a $15 item from Blizzard with the currency you acquire in WoW is not a small thing either.

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from what i’ve seen with Overwatch’s “success”, its being sold on the humble bundle rn for a subscription based purchase, every other blizzard game I played afterwards has been affected in some way.

HOTS got a bunch of cosmetic bloat. Voicelines, sprays, mounts.

Dunno about everything else htough but if you said WoW also got affected then its completely possible they’re trying to cash grab.

My biggest gripe was how long it took to get it, I just received mine and was hoping to get it before Pax which happened earlier in the week… Great timing, Blizzard.

Quality wise it’s good, I picked the guy shirt though since the ladies one was unfinished by design and I’m not into that style.

Hi Tristiana,

First and foremost, please accept my condolences for the loss of your mother. Moms are important and special people. I am so sorry for the loss of such a valuable person in your life. Secondly, I want to apologize if this experience may have caused you more pain, that is not our intent.

I pursued this issue on my end and discovered that some of our BCRF contributors have yet to receive their PINK MERCY T-Shirts. We are aware of this issue and are close to shipping out the remaining quantity. Contributors impacted by this issue should have their T-Shirts by the end of this month.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this topic in case the issue persists beyond that point.

I and many others appreciate you, thank you so much for supporting the BCRF. :ribbon:


Tom Powers with the quick reply! Love you, keep up the good work!~ :blush:


You’re the Dev I see most often on the forums. Thanks for taking the time!

Also please ignore the people that make comments like the first one in this post. The vast majority of people are grateful for the charity event and thought it was an amazing gesture.

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Seeing as Tom Powers is the Community Manager, it makes sense.

The primary job of the other devs is to create the game itself, not keep up with the community.

You can tell who is who by what color their text is.

Orange = Game Dev
Blue = Other Blizzard Employee

Why wouldn’t the devs need to keep up with the community? That actually makes no sense.

But either way Tom Powers is on here a lot more than anyone else. It’s appreciated.

This comment could not be more disgusting if you tried. Why aren’t companys just allowed to to good things? No always gotta have that negative jealous person saying stuff like this.

“it’s probably just a pr stunt, that’s all they care about greedy people”

That is such narrow and negative thinking it’s unbelievable.

It was a great cause, they didn’t make money from it. Don’t you dare attack someone or a company raising money for such a great thing.

And I’m sorry about you tshirt, keep contacting them about it.

Seriously… What a disaster.

I really hope that they not only simply give you the shirt that you were long waiting for in such a tragic event (much condolences to your mom, losing a family member to cancer myself and donating to the cause, I can totally relate to how angry you must have been), but also compensate you for that extreme amount of time lost in waiting for your order, as well as for the incompetence in sorting out your issue.

Really, that is just unacceptable.

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


Sorry about your mum btw i know how is losing a family member to cancer.I hope you get to receive your tshirt soon <3

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a dev that doesnt keep up the community is a dev who will lag behind and will lose all its customers quickly

thats just a no brainer right there,

you cant make a product, and be like “lul bye” at your customers, it just wont work

Seems really off topic and inappropriate here.


Its just a signature that they use for all of their posts :thinking:


There is no signature functionality in Discourse. He literally types it every post, no matter how off topic it is.


You picking a fight with someone for using a signature they put in every post on a thread like this is twice as inappropriate.


How is mentioning that something comes across as inappropriate “picking a fight”?

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I can’t believe the OP hadn’t thought of that! That’s freaking brilliant! I mean, the only reason I can think of that she WOULDN’T do that would be because she just wanted the shirt she’d paid for in the first place, but it’s not like she said that anywhere in here original post at all!

You are doing that Sherlock avatar justice.

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