Pink mercy mythic skin

How many times do yall have to be told “we have no plans to bring it back”??

Hold onto your hope if you want. Im just curious how many years its gonna take until y’all finally get over it lol. Im not responding anymore because y’all are holding onto nothing and its a waste of my time.

In the meantime Ill donate some breast cancer organizations because nothing is stopping me. Toodles.


Nope. Stop it with the Pink Mercy threads. You got your answer from Blizzard already, be satisfied with the answer, they’re not changing it.

You’re just lying to yourselves so much at this point, that its actually toxic. And that’s coming from someone who missed the skin years ago.


whether we have been told 1 time or 1 million times, plans can and do change, particularly when it comes to OW

we will indeed hold onto hope, particularly given recent signs that things are changing at Blizzard…Kotick leaving, Microsoft coming in, and etc etc


no need to do so

this is a legitimate OW-related topic on a forum explicitly set up for discussion of OW-related topics

actually, there’s no way to know if the decision will change.

Many decisions related to OW have been changed over the course of time, and this one could well be changed as well

Threads like this one help keep the decision makers aware that there is a strong demand for this skin years after the original offer

There’s been no lies told, actually

we are well aware that the skin isnt currently available and have the “no plans” statement from the devs as well. None of this is being overlooked or ignored


I can’t link it but Andy literally said this quote in another one of the pink mercy threads so you are all wrong “We have no plans to bring back the Pink Mercy skin or icons.”


Community Update - 2022 in-game events (retail) - #75 by AndyB-11735 he literally says it in this post you can look for your selves


Well, first of all, nearly 70-80% all exclusive skins, where Blizzard say “last chance” were brought back to the game later. I will give you example for better understanding:

  1. Atlantic All stars 2019 Mercy WAS BROUGHT BACK 2 TIMES: in 2021 and in OW2 League store (in 2019 they said that it will be an exclusive skin and also wrote about the “last” chance)
  2. Doctor Ziegler Mercy Skin was brought back in 2022 in Anniversary remix (in 2019 they said that it will be an exclusive skin and also wrote about the “last” chance)
  3. Pacific Lucio, Atlantic All Stars Reinhardt, Pacific Genji, Atlantic Tracer, Winston Ace, Doomfist, Zen and Brigite goat skin WERE BROUGHT BACK 2 TIMES: in 2021 and in OW2
  4. “Exclusive” skins for special mini events, connecting to comics and other events (like Mccree, Ana Bastet, Baptiste Medic, Sigma Maestro, etc. were brought back for Remix event
  5. Demon Hunter Sombra was brought back in the game as casual skin for Halloween competition (I couldn’t find any information about the opportunity of bringing back this skin, also developers say that it will be “exclusive”)
  6. All legendary skins for events like Winter Wonderland are available every year in the same event and Anniversary event.
    I am not talking about Black Widow for pre-order and special OW1 skins like Jack Morrison for Soldier and Pilot for Tracer because I don’t know much information about them (but you can try to buy somewhere a special version of Overwatch with this items - Overwatch Legendary edition or something like that and then upgrade to Overwatch 2)

So, as you can see, there are only 2 skins which will be returned in the future: Lego Bastion and my pink fairy Pink Mercy))) I am sure that we will see them on our screen again.

P.S. Personally, I think that people who don’t want the Pink Mercy skin back to the game, are just afraid to stop be exclusive and cool gamers with this item. Let’s be honest: I believe that gamers owning this skin are likely just don’t want to give second chance to other players. Guys, relax, ok?) You know, I don’t have this skin in my collection, but I can buy and account with this skin, donate to BCRF or other charity organization to help and save innocent live and become cool dude too))) And, yeah, everyone can do this. So, chill out please :wink:

And don’t even think that I am a cheater or something like that( I know that Pink Mercy is a charity skin, so I will donate money anyway)))


We know of this quote

We’ve been informed of it many, many times

We’ve responded many times as follows: plans can and do change, particularly when it comes to OW-related matters

as such, no, I dont think we are wrong at all


I ask that the personal attacks on me cease


There have been no personal attacks on you


I hope the charity mercy skin never comes back so the insufferable players who constantly cry for it can die crying. I do hope Mercy’s mythic skin, if she’s one of the heroes to get it, has some nice colour options that match the skin.


There’s been no crying in any of the Pink Mercy threads, actually


I see two pretty obvious crybabies in this thread alone


I see no crybabies whatsoever

what i do see is certain forum members coming here solely to attack other forum members, which is against both the rules and the spirit of this forum

I ask that these attacks cease


To clarify there have been personal attacks against me I ask that their personal attack cease


as I have already stated, there have been no personal attacks on you

Why is there so much copium when it comes to the pink mercy skin. It is insanely unlikely that it ever comes back like lego bastion or any other similar skin.


Then people will want the exclusive gift! :slight_smile:

I don’t see any of this as “copium”

Instead, I see this as hope that the skin will return, and I am seeing signs that this might indeed occur at some point

As to why you are seeing a lot of this - it is because many many many players would like to purchase this skin, as well as many existing buyers who now have additional accounts they wish to have it on

I ask that the personal attack cease