Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2

The fact that the game has a new leadership and a completely new MTX model do indeed point in the direction that things will be different from how they were in the past.

The fact that there is new leadership and a new model for the game and that they’re trying to completely redefine the game, does in fact mean that everything is subject to change.

Nobody thought we would lose one player per team, nobody thought we would lose an entire game mode.

More to the point however is the fact that they’ve returned plenty of exclusive skins.

Indeed, an artificial scarcity was created in order to create greater demand. More generally known as fear of missing out. The same artificial scarcity that they employ for the other skins that they eventually returned.

Yet many other skins have returned that weren’t promised as timed exclusives.

Where was it stated to be a one time only exclusive?

Indeed, and this helps them to make lots of money when the skins the finally do return for a period since there’s a lot of demand for it.


Their vision was simply to raise a lot of money, and yes they did so. They can do so again.

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How different, and does that difference extend to the handling of a nearly five-year-old exclusive charity skin? As I said previously, things change doesn’t mean everything changes.

Everything can change, but that doesn’t mean it will. The fact that something unheard or unimaginable occurs doesn’t mean anything in the context of Pink Mercy.

Which exclusive one-time skins have returned? And were any directly purchased with real money? Any related to charity? And were any returned nearly five years from launch?

And some skins have remained forever exclusive to their initial offerings, such as Pink Mercy and all of the BlizzCon exclusive skins.

Everything in a game is virtual and is, therefore, artificially scarce. Every limited or exclusive name card, player icon, skin, voice line, etc. What is your point?

And what does this have to do with Pink Mercy? And many skins and other cosmetics that are exclusive have remained so.

It is a one-time-only exclusive. Has it been offered again other than the one-time in 2018?

The demand doesn’t matter; it is expected that people will covet that which they don’t have. That fact that people desire Pink Mercy is by design.

Pink Mercy would’ve returned annually or made available for more than two weeks if that was the sole goal. Raising funds was absolutely part of the goal but not the only one. The marketing choices and implementation also say they wanted to create a special one-time-only skin to celebrate the milestone and commemorate it for participants.

Pink Mercy was an exclusive donor incentive. You don’t bring back donor incentives from past campaigns. That hurts new campaigns going forward.

Sure they can do so again, with a new charity and skin to celebrate that event. This new event would include everyone, including Pink Mercy participants, and raise even more money. It would also signal to everyone that they better participate in this new event because, like Pink Mercy, the skin will never return.


Betcha they’re gonna use Demon Hunter Sombra-despite that the virtual ticket clearly stated all the goodies for that year’s BlizzCon were early access.

Or maybe they’ll claim the OWL-but I do recall in an article when asked if the OWL skins like the Pacific/Atlantic skins would come back they were met with an answer of “maybe”.


lmaooo you went rough on this man

Im sorry but you made 0 sense.

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I understand that

what I keep hearing from at least a dozen folks at this point is that it wont ever come back, as if they have some way to know the future with certainty. Truth is, no one knows, no one can know…just as you said.

and yet, some folks in this thread keep insisting they know the future with certainty, over and over again


I reread my post, and it all makes sense to me. Do you have a specific question?

Very different and yes it very well could.

Agreed, but the new live service model means that now is the best time for us to request the return of the skin with the best chance of them actually listening - the more the demand is expressed the more likely it is to return.

I disagree, I think it means a lot in this context.

Doomfist is the one that comes to mind. As well as the various All Stars skins.

What appears to be being asserted here is that unless occurrence Y is exactly the same as occurrence X, that occurrence Z cannot happen.

This seems to me to be a logical fallacy.

Comparable occurrences exist.

You might as well have said, “pink mercy hasn’t returned yet, so it never will.”

Which would be an opinion you’re entitled to hold.

Others are allowed to judge for themselves the possibility of its eventual return.

Up to this point yes.

I agree with you that yes this was intentional.

They want the demand to reach a certain point before they re-release the skin.

They’ve done this with many other skins, rather than releasing them immediately for example the overwatch league grey skins had already been made for a long time before they finally released them to the public.

Yes I’m asking where it was stated that it would be a one time only exclusive - was this actually promised or is this just the assumption because of it not having returned so far?

I disagree, the demand absolutely matters.

I agree.

That’s marketing for you.

Says who?

Evidence for this, and to what extent?

They can do so again with the pink mercy skin.

A new charity and new skin would also be a welcome addition but at this point one might question whether it would be wise to divert resources away from the development of OW2 given its many issues at the current time.

Keeping the skin exclusive at this point for the 1% or 2% would be a waste of resources.

It’s ready to go.

Not releasing it again would leave an enormous amount of potential money on the table.


None of that matters for Pink Mercy. As I already stated, she is in a class all her own and was a unique offering in 2018.

Not at all. Some are conflating by trying to suggest that because other skins have returned, it means Pink Mercy is likely to. The precedent set by skins never marketed or pronounced as exclusives offer little to no insight into Pink Mercy. Pink Mercy is more like BlizzCon skins, but even that’s a stretch.

Is there another point in time to refer to?

How do you know they want the demand to reach a certain threshold for a re-release?

OWL Grey Skins were never marketed as exclusives. Moira, Cassidy, and Soldier 76 were awarded to people from OWL Twitch Pass Season One. It was then stated that more OWL skins would be made for other characters and wouldn’t be the only way to acquire them. Those were early-access incentives.

It is a one-time exclusive charity skin from 2018. Was there another acquisition method other than that one-time offer?

Where do you come up with this? How do you know the development resources are limited? How is keeping the skin that was designed for this purpose, exclusive to the participants of the original campaign, a waste of resources? How do you know they are leaving “an enormous amount of potential money” with Pink Mercy?

You make things up (i.e., Noire is rarer) and usually don’t address it or move the goalpost. So I won’t be surprised if you do it again here.


900,000 would be a rare number for all of these things: planets, stars, Pink Mercy skins, grains of sand, trees, etc.

I mean this really isn’t that hard. Rarity is determined by how many there are compared to the total. Are you just trolling or do you not know how numbers work?

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For months you have misled and misrepresented the facts surrounding Pink Mercy by repeatedly declaring “Pink Mercy WILL return.” Even when people pointed out that this statement isn’t accurate, you doubled down and continued to say it. How do you know with certainty that Pink Mercy will return? How do you know the future?

Those are the actions of a charlatan. While no one can know the future, that doesn’t mean inference is impossible. There’s a strong case for inferring that Pink Mercy is unlikely to return. That inference doesn’t mean it won’t happen.


It’s absolutely matters.

Again this is a fallacious line of reasoning.

It’s also a form of moving the goalposts.

Everytime a certain condition is met, the goalposts will be moved further away for a specific characteristic.

For example if it was shown that another charity skin had returned, you would argue that “but it isn’t pink!”.

There would be no point at which you would be satisfied, because of course the exact same thing that you’re asking for evidence of having returned has never happened.

As I’ve already asked: Where? Quotes please?

The future which is uncertain is the entire topic of discussion.

It’s a guess based on how they seem to operate.

For example they set the shop prices at a certain price, probably knowing full well that people would demand a reduction. They wanted to wait before there was a very loud outcry to actually reduce the prices.

The SMS requirement for current players was also something they probably expected quite an outcry against so they removed it.

It’s as if they like to test the waters and see how far they can go with something.

I never said that they were. I mentioned them in relation to demand and how Blizzard responds, allowing for the demand to rise for an item over time before eventually releasing them.

I keep asking this and you haven’t managed to answer so far:

Where was it promised that it would be a one-time exclusive?

Because they’re already struggling.

Because it took money to create the skin, with the expectation of receiving money in return.

Do you not think they would make a lot of money with the return of the skin?

This appears to be a thinly veiled personal attack and is therefore against the spirit and rules of the forum.

I’ll give you another chance to present your argument but if I get even the slightest hint of personal attacks then I’m afraid the discussion is over.

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This is a misquote, by the way.

You left out the remainder of his statement.

I find this to be rather inappropriate.

As I’ve noted a continuation of personal attacks against other forum members I’ve flagged this post as being inappropriate.

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I dont see this as hard either…for me, almost 900k of this item existing in this game makes it not rare in the least

two clarifications

  1. I am fully aware of how “numbers work”

  2. There is no trolling on my part. My statements genuinely reflect my opinions, and disagreement is not the same as trolling

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Why do you constantly communicate in ways that reveal that you don’t understand how rarity works, then?


I have already clarified that I know how numbers work

the continued insistence here that I do has become a personal attack

I ask that personal attacks cease


Are you stating that there is no way that 900,000 of anything can be rare?


I have made no such statement

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Idk why people bother with you.

How do you ignore private profiles?

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