Ping issue so 3 games are fine but on 4th it like 200ms and

ping issue so 3 games are fine but on 4th game it’s like 200ms and 105ms IND everything goes to bad why i mean why is this happening like everything is fine 2 to 3 games then why it gets bad on 4th

Impossible to answer without knowing anything about the connection. Make sure you include a network test if you want to troubleshoot this. Instructions at top of forum:

You might be landing on another server for that match, since the server location is based on available players for the selected mode and your rank. For instance, if you play in North America, you can be placed on Los Angeles or Chicago, regardless of distance to either. You may also have overheating by that point, which could cause the network card to perform badly.

cant i block M.E i have block the other M.E server the 2 i know about so i never get in those i play in EU and everything is fine but i think im getting connected to a third M.E port that i dont know and havent block from my firewall
i love playing In Eu and its perfect there

I can’t offer any info about how to block another server. All I can say is that doing so can lead to being completely dropped when trying to connect to a Comp match, which could result in a penalty/SR loss. In other words, I don’t recommend doing it.

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i agree thats why i play in eu with a group that way im in EU ports all the time but this is happening to my i dont know why oh on the record i would like to say that when i rejoin these games are fine but its like when i first join this happens but if i leave and rejoin it fine so its not that the port is block i think it could be my connection so can you tell me a way to check my connection network test

WinMTR is the test supported here on the forum:

question if i do a WinMTR test what are the numbers that are good on there and what are the numbers that are normal if not good and the ones if reaching its bad

Reading WinMTRs does take some experience. There are some basic things to look for, which are outlined in the WinMTR documentation. If you post it here, perhaps someone can look over it for you.