Ping has suddenly been much higher than usual?

I usually am around 30-40ms with 60-65 being the worst if I connect to west coast servers. However, lately I’ve been seeing 75+ ping consistently no matter what. Did they remove a big server or something? Or am I connecting to some other far off server that’s not even in North America?

You should only land on either Los Angeles or Chicago servers, since everyone in North America can be placed on these. The server codes are LAX and ORD. If you’re seeing another server prefix in the Netgraph (ctrl+shift+N while in match only, not training range), then it’s possible the ISP is having a routing issue.

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It is saying lax1, hmm. Probably is something to do with the isp then. They did recently come by and do something with the router; not sure exactly what they did.

If you want to do a WinMTR, someone may be able to take a look at it for you.