Ping Consistently Spiking Every Minute

Hey there,

So recently while playing Overwatch, I’ve been beginning to feel the impacts of a constant and consistent ping spike every minute (give or take a few seconds). Starting about a week ago, the severity of the spike can range from a little jitter to a full on freeze in game for 2 seconds and then a sudden update of information; more often than not leaving me dead.

I’ve had a look personally and conversed with others about the matter but cannot find a solution. So far, I have made sure that Overwatch and my network monitoring application are the only applications running on the computer and disconnected any nearby devices that may affect it.

If there is any specific bits of information you would like me to gather I’d be more than happy.

Connection troubleshooting is available here, but we’d need some data to figure out the issue. Make sure you include a WinMTR.