*picks off-meta hero*


that’s why it’s limited to two

if you start avoiding people who play heroes you don’t like your list will get filled in no time and you have to play with the real toxic players or unavoid the guy who dared to play hanzo on one map


Yeah. There will be a lot of that. However, there are people who don’t care, and typically those are the people you want since they’re the ones who know a character can be played skillfully despite matchups, meaning they’re probably better overall at the game than the guy who expects counters to be a win-button in every case.


I wouldn’t worry too much. People will realize their 2 slots are better spent on actual throwers, not only people who just wanna play off meta. If you pick off meta and be useful, you have naught to fear imo.


As long as you keep your cool and tell them that you’ll switch if you’re playing like hot garbage, I’m sure they would understand.


It seems like people are meta national socialists (can’t say the abbreviation) at the lower ranks where the high level organized team meta is even less applicable. At Master/GM people usually don’t care about off meta picks unless you do something like pick Torb when the rest of the team is dive.


In addition, the feature isn’t so you can “avoid everyone who mains the heroes you hate”, it’s for actual toxicity.

But hey, if you are petty enough to waste your 2 slots just to block people who just so happened to insta-lock any of those heroes, even if they’re doing well, don’t be surprised when you get matched up with actual trolls and have to re-add those onetricks just to have a better experience.

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avoid has a 2 player limit and it only lasts for a week.

And if everyone is avoiding you, then there’s something seriously wrong with you. Maybe being the one who gets multiple avoids per game can teach you to be a bit more team oriented.


No it’s

Get reported

Gets reported

Gets reported

Gets reported

Gets reported


Then stop playing off meta. I’ve been asking for this feature for ages, glad they finally did something about it.


One-tricking an off-meta hero and refusing to switch is effectively a form of toxicity since it usually triggers the entire team once things start going poorly and the one trick refuses to swap.


picks an off-meta hero

team is skeptical on said off-meta hero’s abilities

off-meta hero contributes to fights

team wins

everyone is happy


But it’s not like they’re trying to trigger their teammates. That just happens. It sounds like the issue is immature teammates that can’t control their emotions.
Players that tilt that easily should probably not play competitive.


Sure mate.

I hope you get 10 OTP Sym/Torb players in your next 10 games. Then tell me how will you feel after that


Me: picks off meta hero
Team: uh
Me: Don’t worry if this doesn’t work I’ll switch

Option A: It doesn’t work
Me: ok who do you guys want me to switch to? I can play X, Y, and Z heroes.
Team: lists hero
Me: switches to said hero

Option B: It works
Me: yay
Team: yay

I’m not concerned that this will affect me. :slight_smile:


It will be a laugh when this happens and then next game they get a blatant toxic thrower but darn they already avoided 2 people who played Doomfist or mei but were actually trying. Ten the next game they get that same toxic thrower and still can’t avoid them.

Avoid smart people not every offmeta/one trick is trying to lose you the game.


I played with a guy who played Torb on attack on Route 66 when we didn’t even have a shield tank. He played Zen on defense.

We won.

I have no problem with off-meta hero choices if they’re doing work and/or not getting countered. If you can make the hero work, then make it work.


I used to main mercy and can’t aim yet I still play a lot of mcree and hanzo


I got a solution maybe make a separate comp JUST with meta heroes and see if we can do any better lol might have people not cry over players choosing off meta heroes then
1 comp with 27 heroes another comp with JUST meta heroes i see win win situation huehue


oh i am trying out Reaper might try McCree but I get scared cause i can’t take out a Pharah or healers that is me putting the team down which I really don’t like even as Mercy