Phone carriers that DONT work for verification

I’m sure it is, but it’s disgusting for them to just give those players the finger, probably because they’re also in a demographic that wasn’t likely to pay for any microtransactions.

This entire situations just speaks to what Blizzard has become as a company. They no longer care about any individuals or individual experiences.


weird. i was told i wasn’t pre paid…the man said “technically” so it was loose. I tried today and no avail. I may have to call support. I get billed at the end of the month. thats post paid right?

then again there are a lot of requirments you have to have to make sure you don’t fall under it so I might have along the way. I doubt it though but at this point I honestly dont know.

They will need to keep up that number, so that’s really dumb to want to Smurf lol, it will end up costing them 100s of dollars over the year

I have Cricket and when I tried to setup SMS months ago I was told by support that it doesn’t work. He told me to switch phone companies. I guess this is one way to prevent someone from playing your game.


You can be prepaid but also get a monthly bill. Does your phone plan have unlimited talk and text? Or are you on a plan that gives you x amount of minutes per month, and then charges you if you go over? Specifically talk & text, not data. If you’re on unlimited talk & text, you’re golden. If you’re anything else, you’re gunna be flagged as a prepay/pay as you go.


Smurf accounts are temporary things people make. Once their MMR catches up they’ll make another one. Same thing with cheaters, they don’t expect to play that account long-term.

Also, you do not actually need access to the number long-term to keep logging in if you also attach an authenticator to an account. I’ve had SMS protect on for years and never once needed it to login as it just asks for your authenticator first.

Can you not be misleading? Both cricket and metro (aka tmobile) work perfectly fine. What DOESN’T work are their prepaid options. So if you have a pay-as-you-go phone system that requires phone cards/minutes to use, then yeah. Those don’t work, regardless of carrier.

But the actual, proper monthly bill phone plans by those carriers work fine.

Why do you say that? I have a Cricket monthly unlimited plan, which doesn’t work.

interesting. i did not know this. I am pretty sure i have unlimited talk and text as far as i know? The data itself is x amount.

Are you from the US by chance? i hear new zealand and australia are having it easy.

I’m pretty sure it will ping your phone to make sure it’s still active, it may do that without even sending you anything. Someone let their phone drop off and let us know what happens lol

Because as I said a few posts up, I added SMS auth ages ago when my number was still a cricket number, and had no issues. It’s a metro number now, and still has no issues.

Yep. I live in burgerland and blizzard steals my eaglecoins.

They do work for some of them.

What country are you in? Maybe it’s a thing with different countries??

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I know google voice doesn’t work. lol Even though you get a number and it does text messages. Just FYI.

burgerland for sure haha hmm do i need a blizzard authenticity thing first first then put my number? like it says i have 33% done. I didn’t do the other step. I play on console. I tried re entering again but nothing. Just sayd need a post paid phone :confused:

Yeah, Blizzard understanding mobile game…


(The Early April FOOLs joke ™ )

Wait, you guys dont all have the SAME mobile carriers we do in California?!!,


Yeah, I roll prepaid and have terrible towers all around our little farm community, so it counts me out. Im tepid about it, but whatever. I can go play REAL games like

Deep Rock Galactic (Steam).
Payday 2.

At least I don’t have to run a mobile phone and have reliable service to play THOSE games.

I certainly will miss Overwatch and wanted to know more about the new content, and play it and help them surely support it. But hey, I guess they want to bankrupt the company sooner than later and the CEO don’t want his new Yacht this year. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



It wouldn’t hurt to try and set up the mobile authenticator first, then adding the number. I’ve had an authenticator on my account for years. Better safe than sorry.

If that fails, contact support and explain to them that you aren’t on a prepaid number. If they tell you that you are, contact metro and have them check and see if the number is flagged as such in their system, despite being a monthly bill.

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thank you so much i will do this. my only option aha. As for the Mobil authetictor, is it an app? do i need to pay money for it? sorry for all of the questions.

Mobile authenticator is an app, and it’s free. Really, you’re hardly ever going to be using it, though. Unless you attempt to log in from a new device or some absurd location, and even then it’s usually just a “Was this you? Click yes or no, please.” I use it more often to log in to the actual website than I do games, lol.

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Yes there are. There are services that do it.

thank you again. I really am scratching my head at this as I am not sure what to do as I had only 1 hope left and its customer support aha. I find it interesting that those I spoke to who have old pre paids or metro or cricket were added a long time ago whereas I am trying just now along with others and it wont work. I am hoping it’s a glitch or too many people trying to add it…but I am not too confident on that :sweat_smile:

I have a feeling Im gonna need a new provider which i cant afford atm…lol