Philadelphia Fusion vs. Los Angeles Valiant - Encore Now Live

May Melee • Week 1


Philadelphia Fusion
Los Angeles Valiant
LP: 1 (1-0 +2)
LP: 0 (0-1 -2)

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IMPORTANT REMINDER: Soe Opening Weekend Spray is not yet patched into the game client.

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Encore at 10 AM

Scoreboard will be hidden until the Encore is completed.

You know the matches leading up to this one were quick when the schedule says “live in 42 mins”

Incoming fluff…


RIP to the tokens we could have gotten for that extra time.

They were more routs than they were actual quality matches, but yes.

As for my prediction…as I said yesterday, I am officially counting out the Valiant until they actually produce quality results. They stole a map yesterday against the Hunters, but the Fusion proved that just because they have ping issues doesn’t mean you should count them out. While I think the Valiant will attempt to put up a fight, I just don’t see the Fusion losing this one, heavy ping or not (and especially since the tournament client can now set a minimum latency to ensure everyone is on a level playing field during OWL matches anyway). The Valiant could easily take a map, but the Fusion will either 3-0 or 3-1 this (I have the Fusion winning 3-0).

Does this not count? I doubt it’s JUST game time

I’m still seeing “connected”

Well the match is going to start any moment, isn’t it? They won’t fill the next 30 mins with fluff. So the overall watchtime is shorter than expected.


If it’s any consolation, they will be doing an encore replay of this match (Fusion vs. Valiant), and viewing the Encore DOES count in terms of earning the token (and the Opening Weekend spray), so we’ll have a chance to get some of our losses back later today before the NA matches kick off.

anyone else here using the OWL website and gets logged out all the time?

Ah i see…that’s kinda weird…imagine you’re a performer that’s told you start at some time and then you’re told to go out in the middle of or even before you warm up and what not

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I see. Either way, I’m not too pressed about earning less tokens because of situations like this.

That happened a few times for me last season…I got into habit of checking every now and then…haven’t tried the website so far this season…

Best OWL nano ever…

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I’m logged out every time in approx 2 1/2 - 3 mins since last night I’ve only gained 5 tokens cause of it… I’m so depress about it cause I don’t think I have time to get the spray now… all my time wasted

IF it happens for this it means i won’t be able to get the Moira contenders skin which worries me A LOT.

I’m spending more time logging in over and over, and moving to Youtube doesn’t fix the problem because what about contenders skins? If I can’t get OWL to work then contenders is gonna be a big issue.

I already gave up on today, I don’t think there is enough time anymore for me to get the spray considering I’m logged out every 2 mins

Well there are still 4 matches later today…easily 4 hours right there if you can watch those…

And contenders is different page altogether…

For what it’s worth I’ve had zero issues with contenders page this season

Ahh this cheered me up a lot, thank you :slight_smile: well as long as I’m not missing out on Moira stuff, it’s not the end of the world.

If I was missing out on Moira stuff you would hear my cries from 10,000 miles away :smiling_imp:

By the way…contenders this month is brig and echo…

Am I missing something…where you seeing Moira Stuff?

You think moira might see some play when hero pools come in and bap gets banned?

:eyes: Maybe I saw her being played last night with Reaper and it made me really happy to see

I’ve seen her brought in a few times, but never really to great effect :confused:

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