Philadelphia Fusion vs. Hangzhou Spark - FINAL

May Melee • Week 2


Philadelphia Fusion
Hangzhou Spark
LP: 2 (2-0 +5)
LP: 0 (0-0 +0)

Final Score


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I’m banking on Spark being underwhelming at the start of the season. They usually start low and climb their way up.

Philly 3-1


The Fusion proved last week that just because they are high ping doesn’t mean they should be taken lightly. I think the Spark went into preparations this week knowing they should not rely on heavy ping as a winning factor.

That being said, I think the Fusion and the Spark will make this a bit more competitive than the last match. Fusion takes this one 3-2.

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Their starting roster is all in korea though.


Enjoy everyone, I am getting some extra sleep tonight due to my shot taking me out a little bit.

Please Philadelphia, come around and win this one solidly! My predictions are bleeding!


Damn these Spark colors.

I have a sudden craving for strawberry milk.

Thanks for the warning regarding the side effects experienced. Going in for my first dose of the COVID vaccine later this morning and I will definitely make sure that my alarms are set prior to me retiring to bed.

Jaws has been spending too much time on Avast’s companion streams. It’s rubbing off on him.

At spark isn’t playing the same heroes we’ve seen over and over

Regretfully, I must report another Charlie Niner to the council…

Edit: Make that two Charlie Niners to report to the council…

A back-and-forth match so far. This will be good.


Lijiang Tower (Control): Hangzhou Spark 2, Philadelphia Fusion 1

Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Escort): Philadelphia Fusion 3, Hangzhou Spark 2

MATCH SCORE: Philadelphia Fusion 1, Hangzhou Spark 1

NEXT UP: The second half of Fusion vs. Spark.

Carpe the well known sym one trick :nail_care:

WyomingMyst, if and when you do see this, can you confirm that the Fusion’s initial attack on Hanamura was the fastest on record?

The last big milestone he passed last season was on Torb.

Clearly a Builder main.

Hell yeah perfect pred. :sunglasses:

The Fusion win in a convincing fashion to keep pace with the Chengdu Hunters atop the leaderboard. Next match between the Fusion and the Hunters will determine who gets the 1 seed in the May Melee.


Lijiang Tower (Control): Hangzhou Spark 2, Philadelphia Fusion 1.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Escort): Philadelphia Fusion 3, Hangzhou Spark 2.

Hanamura (Assault): Philadelphia Fusion 2, Hangzhou Spark 1.

Eichenwalde (Hybrid): Philadelphia Fusion 2, Hangzhou Spark 1.

FINAL SCORE: Philadelphia Fusion 3, Hangzhou Spark 1


The Fusion are now 3-0 and will face the Chengdu Hunters tomorrow in a BATTLE OF THE UNBEATENS, with the winner locking up the 1 seed in the May Melee.

That’s all the matches for now. Reminder that an encore replay featuring the Hunters and Excelsior will be live at 12:30pm Eastern (9:30am Pacific) for those of you in New York who might have been sleeping. Encore replays are eligible for tokens rewards, so be sure to check it out.

If you would prefer live matches instead, the Watchpoint preshow kicks off at 2:30pm Eastern (11:30am Pacific), leading into the first match of a tripleheader at high noon Pacific (3:00pm Eastern). See you then! If you’ll excuse me, I’m getting my first dose of the COVID vaccine…FOR SCIENCE!

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I assumed they weren’t due to being replays, so thanks for mentioning that.