❓ Pharah's changes make no sense? Let me explain


I’ve NEVER been more disappointed in a Pharah buff (and they only come every 2 years so that says a lot)


I will still have to go on suicide bomber missions every time I wanna ult. I will still have to plan in advance that I’m gonna die when I wanna ult. I will still have to hear “JUSTICE RA-HEUGHHHH” 20x per match. BLIZZARD PLEASE MAKE IT CANCELABLE.


The point of the changes were to make the character more skill reliant. they nerfed splash damage meaning its not a viable means of finishing people anymore, you have to go for directs. In compensation for this they made her rockets firing speed (and I think travelspeed) faster so you can more easily follow up directs.

This means skilled pharahs can more reliably kill with pharah through double directs, while bad pharahs cant just rain down splash damage.

Its only a buff, unless you rely on splash damage.


Oh yeah she got potato dumpstered. Direct hit + max damage splash not killing someone is a heavy nerf. You don’t need a faster fire rate, it’s easy enough to 2 tap a squishy - that won’t change. It’s funny they won’t just balance her separately on console. Just another reason to play Widow every game.


It never was 120 direct hit on its own. It was always split into direct hit impact and explosion damage. The damage always stacked as the AoE cannot exclude the target at the origin point.

It was just a case that her damage has never been shifted like this so unless you did research into how it functioned you would not know how its mechanics actually worked. Only when the change showed up in patch notes did you wind up learning how the mechanics are.


im not gonna bother with this game until they fix the issues… good thing dead by daylight has double xp this weekend.


Pretty sure they just changed the way it worked, and explained the way it now works using the damage split from the current patch to quantify it.


Nope, you only learned of the mechanics this patch notes.

It has always been the case for every explosive in the game that the impact and splash damage stacked for the total direct hit damage, as the game is not setup where AoE damage can ignore the target at the origin point.

I was aware of how it worked long before the first anniversary event was even a thing thanks to double checking values for forum arguments.


I didn’t read your article until the last but here’s my thoughts she got nerfed and they buff MCcree and soldier here you go


Remember early on when they said they would balance PC and console separately? So much for that LUL


its called laziness.


They’re still buffs and an inconsequential nerf to splash. I’m alright with this, i feared far worse. I mean, it doesn’t make her a better pick or anything but it’s nice to have, you know?

The only issue is the rocket knockback nerf. Completely unnecessary.


I’ve actually already experienced this.

There is a bug on Junk and Pharah where the rocket will hit a target, but will not show the explosion effect. It does damage, but not the full 120.

Nerfing splash but raising her direct hit damage without increasing fire rate would also have been easier.

I’ll have to see how this plays out in live games, but like I said above my problem with these changes is that it doesn’t address her core issues, like Pharmercy, and especially from the PoV of a Pharah player, the fact that every non-Mercy support struggles to heal Pharah.


Because direct hits are a combination of her max Splash and her direct hit damage. Which means her direct hit damage has gone unchanged.

Her splash is now 65 and her direct is now 55. Add those together and you get 120. So there is no extra reward for accuracy. It is just more punishing NOT to be.


It’s not about damage, it’s also about utility. Smaller splash damage means it can’t get around shield or barriers as well. A Pharah flies behind a shield of enemy with a group of players behind it. You fire below and smaller AOE means less targets actually hit. It’s a nerf.

Tracer and Genji are very hard to hit with direct hit with missiles, big AOE was their counter to their speed. More classes can counter Pharah much easier because of this nerf. Pharah uses her big AOE to scatter enemy team and force them to take cover. Pharah helps creates defensive space. Nerfing Pharah’s AOE to be precise and small is an oxymoron. The making these changes to pander to console players so they can have an easier time handling Pharah.

Trying to “snipe” with Pharah is not a good idea. As Hanzo, Widow, and Mccree do a much better job.


Just a reason she is not going to be better for accurate players.


I think these changes were intended for her to become more of a standalone hero, rather than only being playable when paired with a Mercy.


I have no idea what you’re talking about. Faster fire rate means you can react quickly to enemy movements and not have to wait that .2 extra seconds for your rocket to fire when you need it to go now. If you have good aim and you use conc blast to get on top of someone, you can 2 tap someone before they even have a chance to fire back.



I ran out of likes for today.

I still want to test this out in live servers, but Pharah had her major problems overlooked. A slightly lower CD on her conc cannot compare to forceably killing yourself every 9/10 ults.

Or the fact that Pharah gets punished every time a Non-Mercy support gets ran, all because it’s an uphill battle to heal her.


Dude she reign supreme for quite a long time regardless of competitive play results. It’s about time her air show get cancelled.


Pharah will be stronger without a Mercy. That’s a good thing. Mercy’s damage boost is holding Pharah’s entire kit hostage.
Damage boost is best suited for big AoE’s that hit multiple enemies. Comapared to Discord orb, which is bets suited for focus fire.
They lowered Pharah’s splash damage, but gave her a higher rate of fire and better mobility. She’s been given more utility, in exchange for splash damage.

Her air show isn’t being cancelled, it’s about to begin.