Permanently ban gameplay sabotage in ranked at the first tiem

I guess the title already says everything.

You act like there’s no such thing as false reporting. You have no idea how much this feature would get abused.


They should have had harsher punishments in competitive a long time ago. But then they would have to actually review some of those reports, and that costs money. A lot better then to have an automated system that works on X reports for punishment Y in their eyes.

I don’t care, do a ban appeal then.

You will care when it happens to you


Then I go to support, they look at the case and unban me

IIRC since the system is automated they won’t review and won’t change your penalty.
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In this case it’s for technical issues, but I think the same would apply in case it was just a feature exploit.

You see, this is good feedback, ban players from your game, excellent.

Console players would have to make a new account losing everything every time someone false reports them since console ban appelas dont happen since blizzard tells you to go to sony Microsoft and they’ll tell you to go to blizzard just an endless back and forth

BAHAHAHAHAHA they don’t look man…players have been saying that for forever

good luck, 90% of the time someone appeals a report, they dont even read it and just say “you were reported for a reason”.
it can take 2-4 tries to get a blizzard gm to read your ticket, unless they mark you as do not read before someone actually does.