People need harsher punishments

the game allows bad people to continue to ruin games with little to no consequences or punishment.
Shame on Blizzard for letting it continuously happening.

I just played 2 games, 1st one enemy team had a 2 stack that was throwing (mercy/reind) they got reported with replay code. 2nd game we had a mcree on our team throwing, they were reported with code. But what really is going to happen? even if they get perma banned they just buy a new account and BAM it’s like their punishment meant nothing AND Blizzard made more money off of them.

I wish people would get fined for cheating, toxicity, throwing, de-ranking etc…
please allow avoid team option to only use 1 slot of your avoid function. Or just give us infinite avoids…idc how it affects the game the game is already ruined because of these trolls.


What do you want them to do? Send someone to their house to give them a spanking?

You get locked out of Qing and a xp hault…If you do it enough you get banned. If they set the punishment too harsh people will abuse the system to get you banned.

Imagine going into a game and the enemy team gets tilted because you are good and they all decided to report you. Then bam you get banned because they didn’t like you.

“idc how it affects the game the game is already ruined because of these trolls.”

that’s not how this works.

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im sorry what is this, how would you even go about this. not to mention this is just the worst idea to come out of this forum.

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Plus, you will have a very easy and harsh punishment if you complain your teammates with abusive words.
blizd’s reaction to this has always been faster than imporving game’s quality.


Agreed but it’s not happening and don’t hold your breath for it in OW2 either.


I think less harsh penalties for leaving would make the community less toxic. It is just a video game after all. The devs do need to offset the large disadvantage that a leaver causes first though. Perhaps a modified backfill system or something?

fine then get their IP banned or something so they’re banned for life from playing this game…idk I just know that people get away with too much in this game and it ruins everyone else’s fun