People in Open Queue Higher IQ than Role Queue

I’m realizing this is a thing. It’s utter hell climbing in role queue ranked, but open queue is a thousand times easier.


really ??? i would’ve thought you’d end up with 4 dps in your team x)

what’s the meta there ? I mean ain’t the optimum meta 3 tanks 2 healers ? because then the game would be pretty boring no ?

Since you’ve played both, do you have role queue IQ or open queue IQ?


Substract one from the other

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All im seeing in open que is beam teams or 4 tanks and a Moira, yeah it works, but mirror matching to deal with it is boring. Its either that or a freshly gift wrapped L.

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ah yes that’s what I was afraid of… too bad :confused:

Open queue is 2 tanks 2 support 1 dps mostly for me. Sometimes 3 tank 2 support. There’s also 2 tank 2 dps 1 support solo healing. But one of the tanks is hog and one dps is reaper so it works.

The team stays grouped. Support gets ridiculous healing. If you want your heals per 10min to be over 10k do open queue.

Dps is easy because there’s beefy boys to hit. Tank is easy because you run with backup.

It’s more about position and tempo and ult usage and the willingness to counter pick. People will automatically switch to counter the enemy tanks or dps. It’s beautiful to not have people whine or get mad when asked to switch. That’s the best part of open queue.

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wow… really makes me wanna try :o
what rank are you playin’ at tho ? xD
'cause last time i did placement games I got sent straight to B5 so…
but yeah anyways i think i’m gonna give it a try and see how it all unfolds :stuck_out_tongue: ty for the answer!

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Gold in Open Queue on PC.

Yep. Same here. I think it’s because without the roles and nobody playing support, the matchmaker isn’t forced into throwing anyone within 2k together just so tanks and dps don’t get bored and leave. Ironically you often get 2 people choosing to play support in open queue anyway. I’m a 3,000 hour support main and almost exclusively play open queue for the exact same reason.

I’m finding the meta is usually 2 tank 1 dps 2 support. But being able to switch and hard counter an enemy who is harassing me, without having to rely on my team to do it for me is what makes the mode more enjoyable and way less frustrating to play.


This sounds way too good to be true. I’m going to have to break down and give it a try. At the very least if I don’t like it I have regular comp that I’m already into.

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if you mean by that that someone out of 10 people usually realizes that the team with more tanks wins, then yeah open queue has higher IQ

great to hear, thanks for your input ! will definitely try open queue whenever i boot the game again.
altho, you switching off supp, doesn’t it mean the team is unbalanced then ? :o
not gonna lie i can swap to an ana / baptiste if there’s need to counter a pharah and the dps doesn’t do it, but if there’s a good widow it’s more of an issue, and anyways even if i swapped to dps i dunno how to play flankers… the hope i had was that peops would actually do their job in open queue, as there were claims people were smarter / had a better understanding of the game there.

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One support can carry a team if the enemy doesn’t focus fire and gets distracted.

Someone on your team switches to cover for you also as well.

Alrighty. I ended up playing open que for about 3 hours yesterday. Not because it was the thrill of a life time, but that’s how long it took to get 7 wins. For whatever reason the majority of the time my team would literally be 4 dps and 1 support ( me ) and the enemy would go 3 Tank and 2 support. It was filled with a lot of Stomps even though it was late night ( holiday and weekend curse. ) Overall it was more chaotic to me than regular comp. Probably great with friends. I give it a 3 out of 5 or same as regular Comp.

mhm alrighty, i’ll give it a go anyways and see how it goes ^^ ty for the info :slight_smile:

This is odd. I usually get 3 tank 2 support or 2 tank 2 dps 1 support. If they play Hog/Reaper I’m fine with that, I can keep everyone up pretty easily on my own. I find OQ way less frustrating and more fun to play than RQ. Probably helps that I’m high plat in OQ and stuck in silver in RQ as well. Mainly due to the fact I was able to climb on Hog or Ball until I got to a rank where my team mates had half a brain and I could get more value in playing support. I’ve pretty much retired from RQ permanently now.

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Sounds like you had a string of dumb teams. 4 dps is a terrible idea.

It’s all good. At least I tried it. What you say happens in your games is exactly what the other teams were doing, just not on my team. Also, I ran as pure support and I think 2 tank games as we had no tank. Might give it a try later after the patch.

Send me a friend request and I’ll play with you also. My ID is PositiveSpin#1262.