Penatlies and Suspension while Searching for Game

I get the reason why their are leaver penalties, but recently I was disconnected while searching for a comp game twice and got suspended and lost SR. I’m fairly sure the disconnect wasn’t my fault, seeing as I wasn’t suspended after the first d/c only after the second; but even if it was I am really getting penalized for leaving before I even find a game?

Is anyone else having this problem? I’m scared to queue for comp matches now.

Just happened to me, but I didn’t even DC.

I was searching for a comp match and then bam! Suspended and down 50ish SR while searching.


This is a sign the connection failed to connect to the game server that was selected, others have also reported this issue by being stuck at the loading screen or hero select screen till they time out. I’d recommend when you run into this issue to double check the connection is stable by performing some small troubleshooting and retest in quickplay before returning to competitive.

Steps you can take to refresh the connection:

While in the quickplay game you can run the Network graph to see if you detect any latency spikes or packet loss. If you see any issues you can run a WinMTR in the background to find the source or post the results back here if needed.

Thank you.

Okay… hopefully they get that worked out. I’m more frustrated with how they handle people leaving than the actual glitch itself.

Howdy TheYete,

I completely understand it can be frustrating to run into an issue that feels like its out side of your control but then to see a penalty on top of it, can add to that frustration. Our goal is to make sure when players due run into issues they face them add on as sadly some players will continue with a bad connection or issue till they flat out are banned for the season impacting many other players. >,<

We do our best to explain the reason behind this on the sticky post Here. I highly recommend to give that a read to better gain a better understanding of the penalty system. If you have any ideas or suggestions to make the system better please post them on ourGeneral Discussion forums for our developers to review.

Thank you.

It has happened to me twice already, why would you penalize people while they are in a queue?, I didn’t even join the game and got punished for it. This feels very unfair, plus can’t play your game for 30 mins now not only that I won’t even risk playing a ranked game…So what’s the fun in that?

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