[PC] Overwatch World Cup Viewer Turns Off ~3pm PST Today (Dec 3 15:00 PST)

Hi Overwatch and Esports Fans,

Thanks to all of you who downloaded, installed, tried out, posted awesome clips, and gave us feedback on the Overwatch World Cup Viewer over the last month.

As we announced when we released the beta, we only planned to provide the feature for about a month and that time has come. We currently plan to shut off the Overwatch World Cup Viewer at ~15:00 (3pm) PST today (Monday Dec 3) in case there are any final moments you wanted to capture. =)

After that, the INSTALL button in the Battle.net App will change to an UNINSTALL if you want to reclaim the disk space. Tom Powers will have a more official post once we do that.

Thanks again for trying it out and helping us!


Looking forward to “Viewer” or “Replay System” Round 2! For it being an Overwatch first time thing, great job guys!!! One of my goals for next year is to create a montage with all the cool camera angles that will be available once this feature comes to the live game. :facepunch:


I’m so excited to try out this replay system for my own matches in the future, It’s gonna be an amazing addition to Overwatch


Omg cant wait to be able to save my own games in the future. Its gonna be great.


Hopefully this means the client version will be available early next year, cheers!


Overwatch Viewer makes me happy :slight_smile:

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Excited for the future of this thing. Also any chance we can get a match history tab in game to show us W/L and how much SR + OR - we had per matches ? Something like:

  • “Lijang Tower (date time) W + 25 SR”

this cup viewer is not good it is perfect.

@Dan Maas will there be/are there plans to make the viewer available again once OWL S2 starts?

it should be in the live game by then, i would hope

my account is Banned or Suspended what do i do???

Hey guys i wanted to ask if overwatch devs will ever add draft picks i mean you select your role in matchmakeing … i think its will help the lower tier rise and less toxic community please like if you think so !

fix your game before u to tournaments having it crash on people or black screen during comp to piss on some ones sr and day how dumb do u have to be to screw your fans(source of your money a-holes) like this.

Will the viewer be back? I did not get a chance to enjoy it due to midterms and exams :frowning:

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