PC crashes at victory/defeat screen

As soon as a match has finished and the winning team appears, my screen goes blank and my gpu fans go up to 100% and it stays like that. I have to shut down my PC from the power button. It also sometimes occurs during a match, but it’s mostly on the victory pose screen. It did not happen until the past week or so and I don’t think it’s a heat problem because the temperature of my cpu and gpu are fine (around 60-70 degrees C). Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but it didn’t help. This problem doesn’t happen with any other game. Also tried installing the previous nvidia driver but it doesn’t fix it.

Capture a DxDiag and share it here.

Instructions here:

A similar thing is occuring with me too! My laptop will make a funny noise and then my hud is gone. Have done similar things to try to fix it too

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