[Patched] In-game chat bug can cause unexpected purchases

Platform: Windows
So to get straight to the point, I was chatting with a friend while browsing Junker Queen’s skins when the game unexpectedly purchased the Plutonium skin without my consent. It appears to have been caused by a bug where text typed into the in-game chat is mistakenly treated a menu navigation input.

I’ve already sent in a support ticket in hopes that I could get a refund or some other form of compensation, though I won’t get my hopes up. It’s a cheap skin anyway, only 300 legacy credits, so no big loss if I don’t get anything to compensate. But this could be a more problematic bug if it led to the purchase of a more expensive cosmetic, so I figured I’d submit a bug report in hopes that it’ll get fixed before it causes bigger issues for someone else later down the line.

Reproduction is easy, simply open the in-game chat and begin typing while browsing the hero gallery. And if I recall correctly pressing spacebar unlocks skins, so make sure to type more than a string of letters into the chat during reproduction.


I’ve encountered this exact bug. Cursor is in the chat box, but it still reads it as menu commands. Luckily I caught the unlock confirmation in time, but I can imagine how terrible it would be if someone accidentally spent their OW2 coins on something they didn’t want.

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Hey all,

I also experienced this bug on launch day and did lose 1400 coins on stuff I did not want. Were you able to resolve?

I haven’t gotten a refund or any sort of compensation, but they at least patched the chat bug which caused it so that it won’t happen again. I’ll just have to live with the faulty purchase, but the bug can be considered patched.

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Yeah I noticed it hasn’t happened since, but I’m still not thrilled with the “Hey our screw up took your money, too bad for you” type responses. I don’t understand the cavalier attitude.

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