Patch notes are up

Incomplete weekly challenges will no longer reset to zero. 100% of the progress made in weekly challenges in the previous week will be kept and carried over.

All weekly challenges requiring wins have been converted to “Complete games. Wins grant double progress.”

  • This change results in the required amounts becoming higher, but the average total number of games

What is the point of this ability than overall. Add Moira fade as well to this situation. Reaper isn’t really that good

So like season 3 where it was just cassady or maybe season 1 where it was just sojourn


All weekly challenges requiring wins have been converted to “Complete games. Wins grant double progress.”

OMG finally. This removes A LOT of incentive to leave quick play games in order to optimize challenge completion


Cowboy got his free win against immobile heroes grenade nerfed so he wont hold the spotlight alone. He cant trivialize heroes like Mei and Symmetra just with a grenade and bodyshot now.

Yay! Workshop fixes! I hope this also fixes Event Ability not working for some heroes’ abilities.

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Doom can’t charge his punch from one axe swing, that messes up this matchup a bit.

Also a bit of a shame they noticed and fixed FFA mmr AFTER first ranked season concluded…

This is the best patch we’ve gotten in Overwatch 2 so far. I’m still skeptical of how the Mei change will fair against tanks.
They even fixed Gibraltar and haybales on Hollywood. Something the community has been asking since OW1.

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The magnetic grenade change is exactly what they should do to micro missiles

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Oh wow, they killed Tracer dead with the Cassidy buff and the huge weapon spread nerf.

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wait. if the healing he receives is increased by 50%, theres a chance it could negate half of antinades effect? ok im probably just wishfully thinking, but it would be so cool

i know how people hate seeing tracer all over the top 500 leaderboards but the skill to be a tracer like that is tremendous probably. now you add a cheese stun any average joe can toss (magnetic) to nullify someones hard work trying to master a hero like tracer

i dont know how i feel about that. im not a tracer main but that seems cringe


I wouldn’t worry too much about that. They’ll easily revert it back because they’ve done it many times before. There was a bug that reduced and they nerfed it to compensate.

I am a bit worried for Genji cause now Cass will hard counter him and ball. Ball I’m okay with because he does need some answer and Sombra already hard counters harder. Tracer will just need to treat Cass like OW1 cass.

I don’t think so. Antinade is 100%, so 0% left.
It would need to overwrite Antinade.

if its multiplicatively, yes. but maybe its additive, meaning 100% (the original healing) -100% (from antinade) +50% would make it 50% overall of the original healing. i mean like i said im sure its not but it couldve been a nice alternative.

No, I think you misunderstand. This is not just a Cass thing. This is a 15% spread increase on Tracer. She won’t be able to kill a fricking fly if it landed on her nose.


Yeah if THAT is the case, it would be actually useful.

But that would be a Roadhog buff and Ana nerf, that’s impossible.

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That would be a cool concept at least, giving hog the ability to just at cleanse part of the anti-nade.

Oh, no I meant Tracer should treat Cass like old Cass when dueling him now after this patch. The spread is definitely a problem, but Blizzard says they’ll be keeping an eye on her damage.

No native Mac support either.

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