Patch notes are up

that sucks… i hate cassidy as is as a sombra player. screw that buff then. also i feel like this may make cass no1 on the top 500 leaderboards.

this patch is really a double whammy for me personally since i main widow and sombra


I admit I was a little worried about the Mei changes. But having the additional damage on the secondary fire makes up for it.

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So does it mean her icicle does 75 + 40 damage if she slows a target down enough?

That’s a chunky damage.

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It’s consistent with reaper change :man_shrugging:t2:

I dont not like the tracer changes and why are only 2 thinges effected by cassady or are they just not listing them all. Secondly i dont like they are upping the healing on life weaver have it charge in the back not heal more for god sake. I also think they mei changes are going to kill her viability and completely change her play style

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Wow they just murdered Reaper.


Como Mystery Heroes back

No mention of removal of hero stacks which makes the game mode completely non-competitive

Maybe we will see something that isnt a sniper OR a flanker in t500.

Widow was barely hit. The sightlines that were nerfed were like half a dozen and either not that good (illios ruins) or flat out broken (JTown, havana, circuit).


that cassidy buff is looking more grim for every escape artist hero. i really want to feel it with sombra… i already try to avoid him with his magnetic grenade but i dont want to feel like its a death sentence going up against the dude. hopefully its not that bad but…


i feel he should lose some burst/damage if it makes him too strong. dude can 2 tap heroes easily and now that he slows them…

its like giving widow another ability to slow someone or make them still while she scopes one shots them

Incomplete weekly challenges will no longer reset to zero. 100% of the progress made in weekly challenges in the previous week will be kept and carried over.

All weekly challenges requiring wins have been converted to “Complete games. Wins grant double progress.”

  • This change results in the required amounts becoming higher, but the average total number of games

What is the point of this ability than overall. Add Moira fade as well to this situation. Reaper isn’t really that good

So like season 3 where it was just cassady or maybe season 1 where it was just sojourn


All weekly challenges requiring wins have been converted to “Complete games. Wins grant double progress.”

OMG finally. This removes A LOT of incentive to leave quick play games in order to optimize challenge completion


Cowboy got his free win against immobile heroes grenade nerfed so he wont hold the spotlight alone. He cant trivialize heroes like Mei and Symmetra just with a grenade and bodyshot now.

Yay! Workshop fixes! I hope this also fixes Event Ability not working for some heroes’ abilities.

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Doom can’t charge his punch from one axe swing, that messes up this matchup a bit.

Also a bit of a shame they noticed and fixed FFA mmr AFTER first ranked season concluded…

This is the best patch we’ve gotten in Overwatch 2 so far. I’m still skeptical of how the Mei change will fair against tanks.
They even fixed Gibraltar and haybales on Hollywood. Something the community has been asking since OW1.

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The magnetic grenade change is exactly what they should do to micro missiles

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Oh wow, they killed Tracer dead with the Cassidy buff and the huge weapon spread nerf.

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wait. if the healing he receives is increased by 50%, theres a chance it could negate half of antinades effect? ok im probably just wishfully thinking, but it would be so cool