"Past seasonal items and brawls are back" - @PlayOverwatch Twitter

I hope anniversary lootboxes still only contain anniversary items, because adding all other events into the boxes would be massive bloat.

If past seasonal items are simply purchaseable, I’m a happy camper. But let me grind anniversary items only from anniversary boxes please.

I don’t know about you but I grinded and still missed one or two things here and there. Plus now these items are competing for my credits alongside new anniversary items. Idk I think it’s fair, I may not even have enough credits to spare to get anything after the anniversary items we’ll have to see

This is the exact thing I said shoul’ve been the Anniversary last year. It would have been the best way to celebrate the previous year.

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Unlikely but i hope all items that got reduced last year get a further reduction :pray:

1000 credits, just the same as other events.

can you please not spam? and its against the forum guideline, and your posting is not constructive at all, so its a troll. can you please edit?

Just to clarify, the credit price of skins (and all other event item cosmetics) from Summer Games 2017 and forward will remain unchanged. Already discounted items from the first year of seasonal events will remain the same as well.


Woohoo! Can’t wait for this! Been saving all my coins, PvE is back hopefully!

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“All seasonal loot will be included in loot boxes, meaning that if RNG thwarted you before, you can now take another shot at securing a fancy skin.”

UUUUHMMM please don’t add previous seasonal loot into anniversary lootboxes because the massive bloat would make it impossible to get any new anniversary loot, thank you.

Please clarify anniversary boxes contain only anniversary items… I don’t want to fight my legendary anniversary skins with all the old legendary skins I already own.


This does help actually, thank you! Now I don’t feel bad about spending 6000 credits on Soldier 24 and Blackwatch Moira a few weeks ago LOL


But… that’s like… kind of the point.

They want you to not get what you really want, so you open your wallet.


Sooo from SG 2k17 to Anniversary 2018 the skins will cost 3k?

And btw, ALL the events cosmetics will be on Anniversary LBs?

Dang, this is fair though. I guess I won’t spend my credit but will spend 4000 credits on old Anniversary stuff and will farm boxes normally.

But there is a reason to box lootboxes this time around. I mean there’s no way I’ll get the 70 items that I’m missing from Summer 2017, Halloween 2016 and 2017.

So this event would become even more cash grab than the last anniversary event we had when we got like bazillion expensive dance emotes, which while nice, all bloated the anniversary boxes so much and if you wanted all items, you had to wave a bunch of cash around or had to have like 22k credits saved.

Well, guess that’s a nice way to kill an event I suppose. By making it a worse cash grab than last year. When it’s supposed to be celebration event.


On a brighter note, most people who play this year’s Anniversary will walk away with the vast majority of dance emotes, due to the newly added no-duplicate system.

I remember getting so many dupe dances last year, yet still not getting all the dances (even had to buy a few).

With the new system, anyone who at least played regularly during the event should have all the dances.

Still no excuse the dances were ever made exclusive in the first place though.



I will photo bomb as Doomfist in Junkenstein brawl.

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… Personally, I think this is fine. Blizzard might have lost more players than usual recently and they might be getting pressured to do things to increase player count, including recurring player count. I think this is why they pushed all the events and skins out at the same time after we’ve been asking them for so long, but… I think it’s fair?

It’s the game’s anniversary, why not? I personally think the skins shouldn’t be unlockable except via lootbox so it’s a really more of a luck thing, but I do love all the events being back for the anniversary.

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Helps a lot, but I still think there’s a bit of confusion around whether the legendary loot box will be exclusive to seasonal items, or if the entire legendary pool applies to it.

Thanks Mr. Powers for clarifying the important questions and concerns we’ve been having. We really appreaciate it whenever an Overwatch staff member writes back to us in the forums.


Did you guys fix the Halloween Lootbox Bug?

I didn’t get any of the 250 or 75 or 1000 discount items because they weren’t in the lootbox pool. All those R.I.P. victory poses that cost 75 I am missing. I got the new ones though that cost 225.