Paris Eternal vs. Vancouver Titans - FINAL

May Melee • Week 2


Paris Eternal
Vancouver Titans
LP: 0 (0-0 +0)
LP: 0 (0-2 -4)

Final Score


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make sure to get your predictions in they close in 3 minutes!

I am guessing a 3-1 for Eternal since Titans didn’t impress last week.

3-1 for London since they have a spicy roster this year.

we have the same predictions for both games lol

As much as some unkind folk are saying this match could be called “The Toilet Bowl”…I think this one will be a little bit closer than some are giving this match credit for. I have Titans taking this one 3-2 in a somewhat sloppy back-and-forth.

Are the tokens also still enabled if we watch on YouTube ?

Yes sir, they are. All you have to do is link your Blizzard and Google account. Talk to WyomingMyst if you want help to get that set up.

Thanks. I already set it up for when the Echo/Hog skins were up but I wasn’t sure if it was still a thing

bren and sideshow with the matching outfits i love these dorks

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Well it is year of the cow this lunar year…

Yeah, back in the 2020 OWL season, they didn’t have the rewards for watching on the YouTube player, but they do now. Make sure that you see a “Connected” below the video player. If you do, then you are all set!

As a friendly reminder, with Paris playing from Europe, the match will be using the latency adjustment feature for custom games, meaning players with a faster connection to the game server will have a delay in their inputs to match those with a more distant ping.

Are they playing on live patch or does OWL have their own version?

They are playing on the previous patch from the version that went live yesterday. They always stay on the same patch from the start of a stage until that stage is complete.

So no D.Va call mech pancakes in OWL. (Which I saw way too much in my games yesterday.)


Are we entirely sure that they are using this? That last map was 2 very quick 100-0 in favor of Vancouver…and I can’t imagine Paris is actually this bad.

The cow outfits are to troll Avast since he has an ongoing thing with people basically rick rolling him, but with this tweet:

ez dub for the titans. titans are actually a goat team… when u get rid of shredlock

I do like that they’re playing the " :robot: JEFF " song on loop today

maybe the titans just had first week of the new season bugs

And that’s a charlie niner…