Paris Eternal vs. Toronto Defiant - FINAL

June Joust • Week 1


Paris Eternal
Toronto Defiant
LP: 1 (1-3 -5)
LP: 3 (3-1 +2)

Final Score


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As a reminder, yes everyone is playing on the current live patch starting today. Which means we get to see D.Va make pancakes in OWL.

Great to see you’re still doing well, Wyoming!

Also, as a reminder, these 4 heroes are taking an early summer vacation: Tracer, Sombra, Reinhardt, and Zenyatta. You will not see them at any point for the next 4 weeks. Yes, that means no epic 3 K Pulse Bombs, no epic Shatters, or 6-man EMPs. We apologize in advance.

On to the match at hand! Paris should take a map to keep things interesting, but Toronto should win this one. I call Defiant 3-1.


I also picked Toronto 3 - 1 Paris.

My prediction for the stage as a whole: lots and lots and lots of double bubble and nothing else, I hope I’m wrong

Well, I see the desk is 100% counting Europe out…I can see Paris coach and London coach going “That sounds like a challenge”…

Uh, captain, are you sure you’ve got your time zones right?

Edit: Never mind, looks like ya figured it out, haha.

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No you’re quite right mate, I saw the times on the pick’ems site forgetting that it’s only the app that localises to me

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It’s really sad seeing them play OWL with two tanks now. Feelsbadman, I’m gonna miss it.

Florida GM says the Reaper is very common in scrims, so we could get a lot of him this weekend.

Hogs first action yes?

good news, youre wrong!



Wait, Roadhog has seen use? Well then…

kaan’s ana is actually nuts

Wow the game is very different with thoes 4 heroes out

First 2 maps…that’s my prediction for the whole stage

I’m just throwing it out there now…I’m doing my regular stats thing every week regardless to track things so I’ll see how I did come monday

I actually made a way more specific prediction in another thread right after they announced the pools but I’m on the road atm and can’t really search for it now…I’ll link later once I can look

Toronto steamroll Busan, but get surprised by a Hog on Eichenwalde, and we are all tied up heading into the second half.


Busan (Control): Toronto Defiant 2, Paris Eternal 0

Eichenwalde (Hybrid): Paris Eternal 3, Toronto Defiant 1

MATCH SCORE: Paris Eternal 1, Toronto Defiant 1

NEXT UP: The second half of Eternal vs. Defiant, starting with Dorado (Escort) then Temple of Anubis (Assault).

oh i didnt realize they were doing hero bans so soon, cool