PachiMarchi is back with a new game mode and challenges!

“To kick things off for PachiMarchi, we’re bringing an all-new 3v3 “elimination-confirmed” game mode to Overwatch 2, Catch-A-Mari.”

This is not all-new. This is “repurposed with a new gimmick that does not alter the way that this mode plays out in a meaningful way”.

Please stop hyping up lazy content like this. This feels rushed, recycled, and stale.


Well, technically, a gimmick makes it new xP. Every other shooter game or mode is just a shooter + gimmick

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If these this is the type of content we have to look forward to, I’d say that they’re failing.

This is lazy at best. I would say Battle for Olympus and the new Halloween event were peak content - new maps, new modes, new gimmicks that drastically change how a match plays out based on what was already there.

One little gimmick is…lazy.


That would be bad but I think these are just mini holdover + shop events during the seasons while they continue to develop PVE. Basically a weekly skin event. I’m just hoping we hear something soon about PVE stuff. I think they’ll put more effort/depth into that (hopefully)

“Kill confirmed” deathmatch is meaningfully different than regular DM, it’s a classic mode. Not very theme-relevant, but honestly, I kind of prefer just a normal game mode over one that’s forced to use the themed skin heroes when it doesn’t make sense.

I played it for two rounds. It wasn’t that bad. The pachimari decorations are kinda nice. I wish the gameplay was more hectic though, maybe 5v5 or 6v6?

Overall 6.5/10, certainly a better experience than Love of Geometry.

Also Roadhog is adorable as an announcer. Love his energy.

Are we gonna get an Archives type event again though or? Maybe at the start of S4?

The polar skins that are currently in the hero gallery for Tracer and Soj in relation to the two shots we have of them in the release date trailer make me think there’s gonna be something more than just mutator challenges for all the old Archive missions.

I could be reaching, though.

Bruh! I was just joking about it in another thread.


Imagine if there was an available workshop mode or something with hundreds of unique and creative gamemodes that the community created for Blizzard to borrow ideas from or feature specific modes during events instead of expecting us to get excited to play Deathmatch mode #26454887858758587560.

Oh… wait…


played for about ten matches. very nice, but I’m starting to notice the monotony of the concept of a simple deathmatch between battle for olympus, cupid deathmatch and this.

either way it’s fine.

Thought those Polar skins were for PvE missions when PvE gets released? Doesn’t mean they can’t be adeed to the PvP game but yeah.

I don’t think they’d be pve exclusive tbh. Cadet Oxton is from a pve mission and you can use that skin in pvp

I do find it odd that they did an event that does not have any new skins at all. Not that I really want another Pachimari skin, but it’s not a great look.

They did this event twice in OW1, including the skin that’s there as a reward tbf


Thank you. This is recycled old news.


Aaaaand more recycled content… Yay.


i think the idea of having more announcers is not a bad one at all…
other blizzard games have that feature

The event’s really fun but the challenge tracking is broken and I haven’t gotten any credit after 4 games. I’m not the only one.

what a joke, thanks blizzard