OWL Summer Showdown - Chengdu Hunters vs. Dallas Fuel

Summer Showdown Tournament


Chengdu Hunters
Dallas Fuel
LP: 7 (7-5 +7)
LP: 14 (9-3 +14)



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Go Dallas!

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Greetings :wave: Got Dallas to win it all on my bracket. But I’m rooting for Anyone But Atlanta. :no_good_man:

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I’m good if Dallas or Atlanta win. Both my teams are out.

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I see off meta I applaud……so guessing I’m rooting for Chengdu here

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WYOMING! Glad to see you’re taking over match discussion thread duties once more! If you ever need me to take over at any point during the Summer Showdown, please do not hesitate to let me know!

Also, to those of you who are jealous about Soe jetting off to Hawaii…I share your pain.

Now, to the match at hand. Dallas has been looking nigh unstoppable, and I guarantee you we are on a collision course for Dallas vs. Shanghai in the Grand Finals once again. Kicking things off with a Dallas win, 3-1, over the Hunters.

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Yeah I like how Chengdu hunters run off meta often!

[glances at profile pic suspiciously]

“This post has been brought to you by the Chengdu Hunters gang”

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I dont usually equip this icon! I just liked the panda xD

do i get owl tokens and hours to the owl skin while watching the pre-game thingy with the commentators

So long as it says connected, I believe you do.

I’m holding out hope for Houston to randomly appear in the match. And win.

is ameng not playing? just weird to see them playing ball and not ameng

Good to see a team doing well with the Rocket Queen.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Soe is great!

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Damn those stickies are tight! Meanwhile when I play Tracer, I might as well not have a Q on my keyboard.

Can’t believe that happened

Thank God the Chengdu are putting up a fight!

Yep…this is gonna be a GOOD MATCH!


Lijiang Tower (Control): Dallas Fuel 2, Chengdu Hunters 1

Volskaya Industries (Assault): Chengdu Hunters 4, Dallas Fuel 3

MATCH SCORE: Chengdu Hunters 1, Dallas Fuel 1

NEXT UP: The second half of Hunters vs. Fuel. Fuel map pick. Hunters with the option to attack or defend. Soe with the option of some beach yoga or chilling with a mai tai.

That was a fun first round on King’s Row. Complete with Mercy pew pew kills, Soldier…I mean Doomfist and Pharah…I mean Genji…I mean Tracer play.