OWL Summer Showdown - ATL vs DAL, VAN vs HOU, & WAS vs FLA

Summer Showdown • Week 2

West Region Day 2 • Match 1


Atlanta Reign
Dallas Fuel
LP: 6 (5-4 +8)
LP: 11 (6-3 +8)

West Region Day 2 • Match 2


Vancouver Titans
Houston Outlaws
LP: 0 (0-11 -28)
LP: 8 (8-1 +14)

West Region Day 2 • Match 3


Washington Justice
Florida Mayhem
LP: 5 (5-4 +2)
LP: 5 (4-7 -6)

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#5 KAETZEE 214 points
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Happy 4th of July, everyone! Be sure to celebrate safely and make sure that local laws and regulations are followed when it comes to using your own fireworks.

Now, on to the matches at hand! I’m calling Dallas 3-2 over Atlanta, 3-0 Houston over Vancouver, and 3-2 Mayhem over the Justice. Let’s get it on!


If my calculations are correct the Vancouver Titans are very likely at the point of no return for post-season hopes. They would have to win this match, and all of the Countdown Cup including that tournament’s playoffs to scrap up enough League Points to make the post-season (and other teams would have to really drop the ball).

Speaking of, what will the format of the postseason look like? I know that Top 3 NA teams and Top 2 APAC teams make the playoffs automatically, and then there is a play-in tournament qualifying 2 more NA teams and 1 more APAC team, but what is the details? I haven’t seen any official announcements on that front giving us a ton of detail…

Those details are still pending to be revealed.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

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Yep…this first match is gonna be a GOOD MATCH!

AFTER MAP 2 (Match 1)

Nepal (Control): Dallas Fuel 2, Atlanta Reign 1

Route 66 (Escort): Atlanta Reign 3, Dallas Fuel 1

MATCH SCORE: Atlanta Reign 1, Dallas Fuel 1

NEXT UP: The second half of Reign vs. Fuel, starting with Assault and then moving on to Hybrid. If necessary, a Control map tiebreaker will be played.

ok…got week 1 up finally…ive been busy so apologies

Dallas Fuel’s Doomfist says,

“No Chance!”

Is the D.Va skin in drops?

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ATL really messed up Busan. What a shame.

Dallas has a good playstyle.
They find ways to stabilize and finish.

They didn’t mess up.
The Dallas playstyle is strong. :muscle:


And after a back-and-forth match, the Dallas Fuel prove they are better masters of the force than the Atlanta Reign!

FINAL (Match 1)

Nepal (Control): Dallas Fuel 2, Atlanta Reign 1.

Route 66 (Escort): Atlanta Reign 3, Dallas Fuel 1.

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Dallas Fuel 2, Atlanta Reign 0.

Eichenwalde (Hybrid): Atlanta Reign 3, Dallas Fuel 2.

Busan (Control Tiebreaker): Dallas Fuel 2, Atlanta Reign 0.

FINAL SCORE: Dallas Fuel 3, Atlanta Reign 2


The Dallas Fuel pick up a crucial win and pick up (for now, anyway) a Top 4 seed heading into the final week of qualifiers. For the Reign, while a 1-1 week is obviously disappointing, they still finish with a positive map differential and still keep the Shock on edge heading into the final week of qualifiers.

Now that we’ve had a barnburner of a match…let’s find out if Vancouver goes hungry again…Titans vs. Outlaws coming up shortly!


Have the titans won any matches lately?

No they have not.
They may have some psychological barriers to overcome.

Reinforce cosplaying grillmaster lol.


Dallas taking notes…
:notebook: :pen: :face_with_monocle:

Be aware of the bushes…

Looks like the Louisiana Scrabblerousers are taking home the golden antelope today.

I am loading up the time completion records for Gibraltar now

Nevermind… no record will be broke on this push