OWL Skin requirements?

I keep going through the OWL webpage and it keeps sending me in circles. They say you can earn skins by watching OWL on Youtube, but there’s nothing that says how or when. Like are the rewards active now? Is it a number of hours watched? Is it a lottery drop? Do I have to watch for a promo code that I need to plug in somewhere?

Orisa and Genji grey OWL skins were available to earn last weekend. They will usually let us know ahead of time when another set will be available to earn. Each set is usually only earnable during the featured weekend or tournament they specified.

You just need to link your Blizzard account to your Youtube account, and the rewards are dropped passively into your Overwatch account, 5 tokens per hour (plus extra for doing that match-prediction thingy)

orisa and genji are avilable til june

Link your battlenet account with the platforms eligible (in this case, youtube) and then just watch for the allotted time they mention. Once you’ve reached the required hours, you’ll be given the skins automatically.

Fair enough, just saying there is usually a set period for each skin set. They’re not usually available to earn indefinitely.

if you havent done so i highly recommend everyone (whos interested in this type of stuff) bookmark this thread:

Where is that mentioned?

To summarize:

1.) Link your google/youtube account to your Battle.net account.

2.) Log in to your youtube account during LIVE OWL matches (aka right now).

3.) Ensure that the “:gem: connected” icon appears under the video.

4.) Keep the window open so it counts the hours you’ve watched. There’s no timer to keep track for you, so you just have to make note of your own hours watched. It’s usually 6 hours for one skin, 10 hours for the other, so 10 hours total for both.

5.) The token drops will notify you in game that you’ve recieved them, the skins will have no notification, they will just appear in your hero gallery.

Scroll down to rewards

Some countries can’t get rewards though just remember.