OWL Players played Apex at the beginning of OWL


Isnt that funny? OW was at 23k views while Apax was at 324k… and even OWL players played Apex

I find that hilarious! xD

GG Blizz xD


OWL players by themselves don’t necessarily bring viewers , with the exception of ex pros, xqc for example. + this happens all the time with other games too , as releases such as relam royale had the same impact. It will die down eventually , as OWL is coming soon which in its self is the reason why overwatch is still alive . also big streamers , seagull , xqc , dafran are not streaming right now , so viewership will of course be low .
This mentality that people have is pretty ignorant as yes it does reflect the state of OW to some extent , but comparing games doesn’t really makes sense .


Because heaven forbid people try out new games right?



People seem to think that people are only allowed to play one game.


When a league of a broken game is the only think keeping the game alive,

Man blizzard Killed their own game


I’m getting kinda sick of these cyclical “new game is out, Overwatch is dead” threads. Of course a new game in the most popular genre is getting a ton of attention. It helps that the game is free to play, which eliminates entry barriers and casts a gigantic net. Like with any F2P game though, the playerbase will likely drop hard and the dedicated players will be the ones remaining.


Oh we’re comparing twitch views of a newly released hype train vs twitch views of a game released 3 years ago. That desperate to bash on blizz, huh ? Another compulsive disorder like the one where ppl feel compelled to blame the sym for everything ?

Not that it changes anything, since haters gonna hate… but ow also had about 320k views at release. Now please go play apex and stop spamming these forums with irrelevant stuff …


I agree , introducing casual friendly features like private profiles , whilst maintaining to be an eSports competitive shooter counter acts each other , especially the higher you climb this becomes more apparent. This is one of the reasons why OW is in a bad state imo as the game is a lottery , sometimes you get the jackpot , other times you get a sym one trick : )


NYXL players played Fortnite instead of practicing last year.
What makes OWL players happy i guess. (And whats the current hype)


If I played Overwatch for a living, then you bet your sweet bippy that I would be playing literally anything else in my downtime. I like Overwatch, and I still think it’s a good game, but when I’m doing something 8hrs+ a day for work, I do not want to spend another 2-3 hours on the same thing in my free time.


It makes perfect sense. You don’t want recent stream footage showing how you play, especially this close to actual games. Same reason why everyone sandbagged the preseason.


I think this is the moment for blizz to take a note that good game = good views.


You really can’t help but bring up private profiles in every single thread you post in, can you?


Wait, gamers played a new video game?

Alert the presses! Every other game that isn’t the new one is dead!


as much as i hate the current state of the game, That’s not a good example.

Those poor guys are forced to play that game on a daily basis for HOURS. EVERY DAY. And when i say hours, i mean 14+. Them wanting to take a break and play something else doesn’t seem like a problem at all. Regardless of overwatch being at its best or worse.


Wow, people played a new game? Clearly Overwatch is dead.



With the exception of shanghai dragons, every single other pro player, in no way plays 14+ hours a day unless they choose to themselves.


It’s definitely worth trying out. I’m not a fan of BR, never have been even though I’ve tried to like it since H1Z1 came out.

I despise the quick-building duels of Fortnite. Apex has no building , score!

Apex also touches on specific hero
kit/purposes, something that I’ve honestly Fallen in Love with ever since FFV/Tactics TF/TF2, another score!

Mobility in Apex in fantastic! Everyone can slip n slide around, scurry up vertical surfaces to billy-goat to new heights (to an extent), and Pathfinder (the C3PO of Borderland’s Claptrap) can zip-line and swing himself around and onto places; kinda like Hamster on a slower CD. Also on a slower CD he can set up zip lines for the team to use; which unlike normal physics, you can take a zipline from lower to higher elevation just as quickly/easily.

But at the end of the day, it’s BR, and I don’t like it. I don’t like dropping into an area unarmed, (hopefully) looting good gear, and random skirmishes. I’m more drawn to Overwatch (and previously TF2) for the coordinated objective-based game modes (koth, escort, cp, ctf, DM, elim, etc.).


Just like what happens here, just because we have an entry barrier it doesnt manage to keep more people in than other games.


They absolutely are streaming now.