OWL needs a separate balance

I saw a quote from devs that said she was reworked because she was seeing no play in OWL.

Well that’s kinda because of the pandemic. In normal situations they’re playing each other in a special venue.

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So, like, is this dude volunteer or a blizzard employee? Because he seems out of touch

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Feel free to share said quote.

I’m not looking for it, it’s definitely out there though.

I believe he’s a player like us? I know you’ve told me once before Wyoming so if you could re-explain…

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True, but look at Contenders and Open Division, those are mostly online tournaments even before the outbreak. This is why Competitive Play Mode itself is not part of the path-to-pro. Even if you are bronze ranked, you can enter the Open Division tournament itself.

I maintain a catalog of all official developer statements here. I do that to ensure we do have accurate information to the statements from the devs. Now I may be wrong, but I try to cite my sources where appropriate to ensure there is no false speculation.

Honestly I hate esports in general. I think overall they drag down the quality of games for most of the community. I think games should be balanced around higher tiers of play in game and any events should be community driven. I loved the Echo tournament so much more than anything OWL has done.


And that is a fair opinion, but in terms of the discussion, I just don’t see any evidence of where hero balance or even changes to the rules of the game that you and I play are directly driven from ONLY the Overwatch League.

So I’ll ask you directly. Are you in any capacity being paid my Blizzard or is this a volunteer gig?

I never claimed that the devs’ sole drive was from OWL, simply that they have such a much larger priority for pros than the playerbase combined.

While I personally don’t believe and wouldn’t care if anyone at Blizzard said they care about us, it’s clear that what they do care about is what’s making them money.

Recent Mei nerfs from the experimental card are probably an example. She was already pretty meh on ladder but in OWL she was still meta. It’s seem pretty clear the extra (unnecessary nerfs imo) were done because OWL players hate Mei.

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God this is so true. Blizzard please read this.

Also please for the love of all that is holy stop making your games an absolute nightmare for yourselves to balance.

Either require a full group or make it solo Q only.

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I myself still play Mei on comp, and yeah at face-value they seem pro oriented, I still make effective use of Mei, now… in the current metagame… at Gold Rank. If anything I think they got her to where she can be hard countered if focused on with the right heroes, but she still is useful in disrupting the front line.

So her recent changes again seem metagame targeted overall, not OWL-metagame specific.

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Agree to disagree I guess :man_shrugging: . I do agree Mei is pretty alright now. Although I wish they maybe gave her like 4 or 5 extra secondary shots in exchange instead of only 2.

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I was personally hoping they’d put her freeze on a resource meter separate from her secondary entirely.

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Purely at my own discretion. I am not a Blizzard Employee. I have the right to express my own opinions as I see fit though I work hard to investigate, research, and provide citations to what the stance of Blizzard is in many. I do have certain rules to follow, but my participation on this thread is purely a matter of having a constructive conversation about finding ways to make Overwatch better. I often like to provide counter-arguments to many posts, because I feel that helps refine ideas better or remove pure speculation with no basis.



Well, devs seemed to have copied my nerf ideas for Mei, (or I’m just scary good at guessing), but my hope was that she’d be able to get out of Pro/GM tier, before falling below midtier. But now I don’t think that’s possible. I’ve given up hope on that happening.

That said, if they just moved her to Tank, then she wouldn’t need to be gutted to the point she’s bad on both OWL and Ladder.

Since it would be impossible for her to function as a ThirdTank, if she’s a SecondTank.

Mei as a Tank

  • 350hp, up from 250
  • 100 self heal, down from 150
  • 10sec Icewall, reverted back from 13

She’d be really good at peeling, zoning, bypassing chokes, blocking ultimates, setting up big kills, and standing on objectives. Tank stuff.