Owl is dead stop now

No one cares. The base game has died so owl will die off also. No one cares if the hero pools match. I know i will never watch another owl bc how bad the base game is. Matter of principle. ow is not owl by any metric.

Sad how the devs know what the community wants but will not give them. Hell of a way to make money thanks


They need to keep the illusion alive that people actualy watch this sham because of investors and probably contracts so teams dont bail out and take theyr money back to a degree. The fact that what we see in owl has basicly nothing to do with whats happening in ow doesnt bother anyone as long as the money flows.


OWL is less of a failure than the core game losing population.

The virus situation is just an extreme war like event, regular sport and other events are also 100% down.
OWL was doing decent for having full theaters with 300$ tickets.


Wait what 300 $ to watch this, are you for real ?!

That can’t be right. Maybe that includes a hotel and shuttle from the airport?

I have zero idea how owl makes any money. Maybe it doesn’t have to and it just makes a nice write off for activision.

lol they still have OWL?!? i thought that died bahahahahaha

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lol what people actually paid $300 for a ticket to see OWL?!?! I would not admit to that bahahaha that’s just sad

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Why do you find that so hard to believe

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I don’t think tickets were actually $300. That’s more for VIP tickets where you get to meet the team afterwards and things like that. Regular tickets were way cheaper, usually around $30 or less.

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Yeah, with everyone sitting home and doing internet so hard, it lags for everyone in some areas.

Twitch views of owl are around 100kish right?
The buy in for an owl team was 20 million, then you have to pay salaries and and expenses. What I could find online the buy in now is up to 60 million at least.

While I don’t understand it all, each team has to make back at least 20 million plus whatever expenses they have and make a profit. How does that happen with 100k ish viewers and the player base trickling off?

Ow isn’t an easy game to watch and follow even for those of us that play it. At the pro level it’s not even the same game. I just don’t see how they will appeal to non gamer viewers on any meaningful level when most of the player base dosn’t even watch owl?


I meant about the ticket prices

I wouldnt say noone watchs it…i dont…but i use to only stream it when i got points to use in game. But never could stand to watch it as it was boring. But im sure some people warch it still. Just wish they would put some more focus and man power into fixing the glaring issues in the game instead of owl. But bliz dos what gets them paid first cuz they are a business not a charity.

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They would make a lot more money with more skins and events new chars fix all the social issues and keep updating for the community.

Wveryone left thats not good anyway you look at it monetary wise

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That is true but when they probably signed a contract with (who ever they put owl on now) then they probably got paid a pretty penny for it. That and they have most of their team working on ow expantion…i mean OW2…sorry keep messing that up. Cant say they are making good choices…but big companys do what they can for money or what the stock holders tell them to do. Heck look at EA they make bad choices in releasing games and even existing games everytime lol.

Thats sad im now comparing bliz to EA…not in a good way either…

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Sad to see people hate on something that celebrates players skills to be where they are

And also hate on the OWL for making the Meta what it is when the OWL has a different team of blizzard staff dedicated to it.

Things were way better before owl…
how long u been around?

The owners who bought the teams will never make their money back unless there was some insurance policy built into the contract. Blizzard just really fed them a bunch of b.s. and they bought into it. But no, it was never feasible for a team owner to actually make money off of OWL. Not sure why they thought otherwise but I’m sure Blizzard is laughing about it.

The game is in a “rough” spot because the content and dev team is all on OW2 leaving OW1 in the dust. League releases a new champion every 1 or 2 months… takes blizzard half a year just for one if not longer. Imagine if right now we had an extra 5-6 heroes, the game would have a lot fresher of a feeling. It’s just stale right now with 0 new content, it’s just stupid changes like map pools and hero pools.

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