OWL Countdown Cup - HAN vs CHE & LAV vs GUA

Countdown Cup • Week 3

East Region Day 1 • Match 1


Hangzhou Spark
Chengdu Hunters
LP: 7 (7-7 +4)
LP: 11 (9-5 +11)

East Region Day 1 • Match 2


Los Angeles Valiant
Guangzhou Charge
LP: 0 (0-14 -40)
LP: 3 (3-11 -22)

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Great to hear from ya this morning, WyomingMyst. Still not sure why the L.A. Gladiators and Florida Mayhem SMM’s were up at 3:30 AM Eastern…ah, well.

As for the matches at hand, I think this one will be 3-2 Hunters over Spark, and 3-2 Charge over Valiant (though I, and several others, REALLY hope the Valiant pull off the upset just to put pressure on London to produce a victory).

Quick look at the East Region standings, for those who are curious, starting with Countdown Cup Standings:

^Philadelphia Fusion 3-1 (3 League Points) (+6)
^Seoul Dynasty 3-1 (3 League Points) (+4)
Chengdu Hunters 2-0 (2 League Points) (+4)
New York Excelsior 2-2 (2 League Points) (+0)


Shanghai Dragons 2-2 (2 League Points) (-1)
Hangzhou Spark 0-2 (0 League Points) (-3)
Guangzhou Charge 0-2 (0 League Points) (-4)
(E)Los Angeles Valiant 0-2 (0 League Points) (-6)

Bold=Playing this weekend
^=Qualified for Countdown Cup Knockouts
(E)=Eliminated from Countdown Cup

And now, the playoff standings:

^^Shanghai Dragons 12-4 (20 League Points) (+19)
^Seoul Dynasty 12-4 (12 League Points) (+18)

-Playoff Automatic Cutoff-

^Chengdu Hunters 9-5 (11 League Points) (+11)
^Philadelphia Fusion 10-6 (10 League Points) (+13)
Hangzhou Spark 7-7 (7 League Points) (+4)

-Play-In Cutoff-

New York Excelsior 7-9 (7 League Points) (-3)
(E)Guangzhou Charge 3-11 (3 League Points) (-22)
(E)Los Angeles Valiant 0-14 (0 League Points) (-40)

(E)=Eliminated from playoffs and play-ins
^^=Qualified for playoffs
^=Qualified for play-in

Let’s do this!

Indeed… considering I have to keep all teams Twitter feeds notifications turned on… it can be… annoying.

I have seen some pretty bad Yolo Self Destructs, but I think that one is the worst I have ever seen in Pro Play

For a team that hasn’t clinched play-in tournament yet, the Spark seem REALLY interested in not going to the play-ins or playoffs…at least, based on that first map.

I think I am only making through a couple of maps. Calling it a night.

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And after a complete stomp on Busan, a strange timing of broadcast breaks on King’s Row, and 2CP maps being 2CP maps…the Hunters take game, set, and match, and eliminate the Spark from the Countdown Cup Knockouts!

FINAL (Match 1)

Busan (Control): Chengdu Hunters 2, Hangzhou Spark 0

Hanamura (Assault): Hangzhou Spark 2, Chengdu Hunters 1

King’s Row (Hybrid): Chengdu Hunters 4, Hangzhou Spark 3, Strange Timings 1

Havana (Escort): Chengdu Hunters 2, Hangzhou Spark 1

FINAL SCORE: Chengdu Hunters 3, Hangzhou Spark 1


The Hunters take the win and now find themselves one match win away from (at least temporarily) grabbing the Seoul Dynasty’s playoff spot. For the Spark, I’m afraid, they are eliminated from the Countdown Cup, and now are secretly hoping for a miracle from the Charge to lock up their spot in the play-ins.

Speaking of the Guangzhou Charge, their match against the Los Angeles Valiant is coming up in just a moment. While the L.A. Valiant may be eliminated from the Countdown Cup, a win by the Valiant here will essentially send the NYXL to the Countdown Cup Knockouts a day ahead of schedule, which could spell disaster for the Hangzhou Spark. For the Charge, meanwhile, they are officially eliminated from the play-ins and playoffs, but if they can produce 2 wins with a combined 5 map wins, the Charge will take the NYXL’s spot in the Countdown Cup Knockouts and eliminate the NYXL. Will the Charge redeem the Spark? Or will the Valiant produce their first win and start making Spark fans sweat? There is only one way to find out. Let’s get the payload moving!

Well, that turned into a speedrun in a hurry…Guangzhou Charge take down the L.A. Valiant in an extremely convincing fashion.

FINAL (Match 2)

Nepal (Control): Guangzhou Charge 2, Los Angeles Valiant 1

Hanamura (Assault): Guangzhou Charge 2, Los Angeles Valiant 1

King’s Row (Hybrid): Guangzhou Charge 2, Los Angeles Valiant 1

FINAL SCORE: Guangzhou Charge 3, Los Angeles Valiant 0


The Guangzhou Charge make up most of the difference of their map differential obstacle, and now just need a 3-1 victory against the Spark to clinch a trip to the Countdown Cup Knockouts and knocking the NYXL out of contention for the play-ins and playoffs. I’m sure that the Spark will be receiving a reminder regarding the rules about match fixing/throwing while they sleep…

That’s all she wrote for this morning, folks. Matches kick off again later today at high noon Pacific (3pm Eastern). Reminder to stay hydrated and to check in on neighbors (especially elderly neighbors) from time to time. For now, enjoy the rest of your morning! If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to mow my lawn as loudly as possible in an effort to remind certain family members that we gentlemen do not appreciate being woken up at midnight and 2am to loud conversing over old episodes of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK…