OWL Countdown Cup - East Region Knockouts

Countdown Cup • Knockouts

East Region Knockout • Match 1


New York Excelsior
Chengdu Hunters
LP: 7 (7-9 -3)
LP: 13 (11-5 +13)

East Region Knockout • Match 2


Seoul Dynasty
Philadelphia Fusion
LP: 12 (12-4 +18)
LP: 10 (10-6 +13)

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What’s at stake in today’s matches:

  • New York Excelsior MUST WIN and enter the Countdown Cup to have a chance to earn enough bonus league points to advance into the post season play-ins. Otherwise, Hangzhou Spark advances and the top 5 will be locked in for the season playoffs/play-ins for the East Region.
  • Chengdu Hunters, Philadelphia Fusion, and Seoul Dynasty should try to win their matches to have a chance to win more bonus league points in the Countdown Cup tournament to improve their ending season record.

Today’s matches do not count toward season standings.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to start up the postseason!

For the matches at hand, I predict NYXL and Seoul Dynasty will advance…both in major 5 map series!

Now, let’s dance!

Edit: Wait, I forgot the standings.

Shanghai Dragons 12-4 (20 League Points) (+19)
Chengdu Hunters 11-5 (13 League Points) (+16)

-Playoff Automatic Cutoff-

Seoul Dynasty 12-4 (12 League Points) (+18)
Philadelphia Fusion 10-6 (10 League Points) (+13)
Hangzhou Spark 7-9 (7 League Points) (+1)

-Play-In Cutoff-

New York Excelsior 7-9 (7 League Points) (-3)
Guangzhou Charge 5-11 (5 League Points) (-18)
Los Angeles Valiant 0-16 (0 League Points) (-46)

Ok, NOW let’s dance.

There is going to be a massive virtual party in Hangzhou tonight, the inhabitants of the virtual space had better leave town!

FINAL (Match 1)

Ilios (Control): Chengdu Hunters 2, New York Excelsior 0

Volskaya Industries (Assault): New York Excelsior 4, Chengdu Hunters 3

King’s Row (Hybrid): Chengdu Hunters 5, New York Excelsior 4

Havana (Escort): Chengdu Hunters 3, New York Excelsior 2

FINAL SCORE: Chengdu Hunters 3, New York Excelsior 1


The Chengdu Hunters moves on to the Countdown Cup Global Play Tournament, and will be the APAC 1 seed in said Global Play Tournament.

Now it’s time to determine the APAC 2 seed…will it be the Seoul Dynasty? Or will it be the Philadelphia Fusion? Let’s get the payload moving!

Going to call it a night… I will catch up this second match in the morning. Cheers, Arena!

Did anyone else see a bit of slowdown during that last round in downtown Busan? Just wondering whether it’s something on my end.


FINAL (Match 2)

Busan (Control): Seoul Dynasty 2, Philadelphia Fusion 0

Volskaya Industries (Assault): Philadelphia Fusion 3, Seoul Dynasty 3 (DRAW)

Blizzard World (Hybrid): Philadelphia Fusion 3, Seoul Dynasty 2

Rialto (Escort): Seoul Dynasty 1, Philadelphia Fusion 0

Ilios (Control Tiebreaker): Seoul Dynasty 2, Philadelphia Fusion 1

FINAL SCORE: Seoul Dynasty 3, Philadelphia Fusion 1


The Seoul Dynasty advances to the Countdown Cup Global Play Tournament as the APAC 2 seed, and will play the NA 1 seed next week to open their tournament play. Meanwhile, the Chengdu Hunters will advance as the APAC 1 seed, and will play the NA 2 seed next week to open their tournament play. Both teams are fighting for the second and final automatic playoff spot, so next week could get real spicy in a hurry.

Anyway, that’s all for now, ladies and gentlemen. The NA Countdown Cup Knockouts will kick off at high noon Pacific (3pm Eastern) with a quadruple header of matches, all in the name of determing the 2 NA teams who will travel to Hawaii to play in the Countdown Cup Global Play Tournament. Will the Atlanta Reign be able to navigate the Knockouts without their star DPS Pelican? Will the Los Angeles Gladiators give L.A. reason to believe again? Will the Shock show that they’re ready to fight for the 3-peat? Will the Toronto Defiant make Canada proud? Will the Paris Eternal give Europe some hope? Will the Dallas Fuel go back to Hawaii for a fourth time? All those answers will become clear this afternoon. For now, enjoy the rest of your morning! If you’ll excuse me, I must prepare for the conclusion of Week 1 of NFL preseason…which features my team. Catch y’all a little bit later.

Panthers or Colts?