OWL Countdown Cup - ATL vs HOU, SFS vs BOS, LAG vs WAS

Countdown Cup • Week 1

West Region Day 3 • Match 1


Atlanta Reign
Houston Outlaws
LP: 8 (8-5 +14)
LP: 10 (10-3 +14)

West Region Day 3 • Match 2


San Francisco Shock
Boston Uprising
LP: 9 (9-4 +12)
LP: 7 (7-6 +3)

West Region Day 3 • Match 3


Los Angeles Gladiators
Washington Justice
LP: 8 (8-5 +12)
LP: 8 (8-5 +6)

*Clinched Post Season Playoffs

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Great to see ya, Wyoming. Hope you got some decent rest last night. And don’t worry, your humble servant (myself) took over the controls…though engagement was a bit…lacking.

Anyway, on to the matches at hand. The first match is a real important one for both the Reign and the Outlaws. In the end, I think the Outlaws will squeak through 3-2. I also have the Shock in a 3-2 over the Uprising, and the Gladiators 3-1 over the Justice. Let’s get this payload moving!

memp added to the overwatch lexicon.
I approve.

Somewhere in the sports journalism world, a reporter is sharpening his pitchfork and saying to the intern he’s mentoring, “Get ready, John, cos my next article will show how 2021 made clear Houston is no longer a sports town.”

And if that sports journalist is smart, he will use the wholesale destruction of the Outlaws by the Reign as Exhibit C of his case against Houston being home to any sport.

FINAL (Match 1)

Nepal (Control): Atlanta Reign 2, Houston Outlaws 1.

King’s Row (Hybrid): Atlanta Reign 3, Houston Outlaws 2.

Rialto (Escort): Atlanta Reign 2, Houston Outlaws 1.

FINAL SCORE: Atlanta Reign 3, Houston Outlaws 0


The Reign hold fast and sweep the Outlaws out the door.

Next up, we have the Shock against the Uprising. Let’s rock and roll!

It wasn’t a clean result, but the Shock do what must be done and stay afloat in the playoff standings for now.

FINAL (Match 2)

Lijiang Tower (Control): San Francisco Shock 2, Boston Uprising 1.

Blizzard World (Hybrid): San Francisco Shock 2, Boston Uprising 1.

Route 66 (Escort): Boston Uprising 2, San Francisco Shock 1.

Temple of Anubis (Assault): San Francisco Shock 2, Boston Uprising 1.

FINAL SCORE: San Francisco Shock 3, Boston Uprising 1


The Shock goes 1-1 on the week and stays in the Top 3 of the playoff standings for now. For the Uprising, they get through the tougher part of their Countdown Cup schedule with a 1-1 record and now prepare for the easier portion of their schedule next weekend.

Now, it’s time for an important seeding match…it’s the Los Angeles Gladiators taking on the Washington Justice in the final match of the week. Let’s rock this house, ladies and gentlemen!

And the Hero Pool woes continue for the Justice, as they slip further down the standings after the Gladiators sweep the Justice.

FINAL (Match 3)

Busan (Control): Los Angeles Gladiators 2, Washington Justice 1.

Numbani (Hybrid): Los Angeles Gladiators 3, Washington Justice 2.

Rialto (Escort): Los Angeles Gladiators 2, Washington Justice 1.

FINAL SCORE: Los Angeles Gladiators 3, Washington Justice 0


The Gladiators go 1-1 on the week and end up with a positive map differential in the Countdown Cup. The Justice go 0-2 and are suddenly finding themselves in very real danger of missing the Countdown Cup Knockouts, which would force the Justice to go through the play-ins.

And that’s all she wrote for Week 1 of the Countdown Cup, folks! Matches resume on Friday, August 6 at high noon Pacific (3pm Eastern). Until then, please enjoy your week, and be sure to tune in to Contenders matches to check out the new rewards system, allowing you to earn Contenders skins in-game just by watching Contenders. Thanks as always to WyomingMyst for providing these threads. Until Friday, from our wonderful host WyomingMyst, I’m Arena25, saying Good Night and Charlie Niners.

P.S. Good luck to the U.S. men’s soccer team tonight as they will take on Mexico in the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final.