OW2: Nerfing supports/tanks, buffing DPS

This is not true at all but OP is always making threads victimizing themselves and bashing DPS players and the Devs so I give up trying to reason with them.

Sincerely, a support main since launch who plays all roles and is tired of this discourse.


um… you need to know how to read


I just don’t see how the support passive is any good outside of very few fringe cases. All supports already have a way to self heal and the passive is both slow and can’t be used in combat where as the other two passives can.

Actually if you want to use it you have to remove yourself from combat which is a negative.


Dps are losing cc and their moba abilities.

Same old rubbish.
‘‘DPSwatch, they want only dps to be good!’’ say the GOATs elitists.
They keep saying the old myth that is simply not true.
Get over it.
If you lot hate DPS so much, get a 6 stack and play GOATs. No one’s stopping you.

I think my reading comprehension is fine. He literally said, tanks would be “tougher on an individual level.” That means they are “More punishing” (another phrase they’ve used a lot)

Both of those are euphamisms for “they die a lot quicker.” He even said tanks are going to need to be “More careful about their positioning.”

You quoted him saying they’ll add utility to mobile tanks. Conveniently left out the quote where he said, “But we’re also nerfing them.”

If you don’t believe me, go watch the livestream. Shows off all those huge tank buffs to compensate for faster DPS, right?


Not agreeing or disagreeing, but by the same logic a major damage mitigation character is also potentially being taken out the team. So healing has less opportunity to catch up under the protection of another large HP character (soaking or tanking dmg) or damage mitigation abilities/barriers.

Yeah, I would’ve assumed a similar situation would’ve happened regardless, but accordingly, they’re finding the opposite of that is happening. In other words, rather than the loss of mitigation or defense for the team, it was the loss of damage that was taking the hit, not both. This would mean then, that the new maps - and perhaps the remade existing maps - are providing enough natural cover/defense that’s keeping healing above par and pulling damage down.

This would then suggest, that the various theories regarding mitigation through Tank abilities (barriers, etc.) weren’t really that effective in keeping the team alive, but further powering the Tanks. This also goes back into why Overwatch has some historically low accuracy rates for a competitive FPS. Those low accuracy numbers on individual non-Tank heroes, plus the defensive/escape options presented to them, are more than adequate in keeping damage under control and healing can come down a bit in order to keep from overpowering damage.

Of course, there’s a number of new heroes in the game too that we haven’t seen and they may also be partly to blame for healing power as would new tanks. And that can alter the game too.

It may become evident when OW2 beta begins that they may actually have to tune up healing if the beta reveals that damage might be too high. So, I’m not expecting any permanence here with regards to the numbers, right now.

The devs flat out stated tanks are getting buffed and even some defenses and utility are bing buffed. They also give less CC and ult charge. We have no idea what exactly is being done with healers other than they’re experimenting with lowering healing because 1 tank was getting too much sustain, and they have a very useful role passive.

DPS in some ways are getting stronger like faster movement speed (doesnt do much in midfight like support role passive at all however), but we also dont know how much they nerf DPS. Theyre considering removing flashang, theyre removing mei freeze, probably removing hack, and god knows what else

DPS queue times are always long no matter what game you play. It’s been this way since the dawn of time. Why do you think so many people locked 5 dps, even in the first days of overwatch? And I’m not sure what you mean by catering.

Are you taking about the passive that requires you to be out of combat for low self healing on a role that has better and fast self healing that can be used during combat already built in?


Tanks: they are getting both more damage and utility, the loss of a tank means overall less damage as tanks have been shown to do more damage than they mitigate. This means to keep fights around the same pace as OW retail they are adjusting some more defenses down.

Supports: due to damage being overall lowered per team to prevent slogs healing may be adjusted down slightly. I’d like to know where you heard they’re nerfing self healing I haven’t seen anything like that mentioned.

DPS: flankers overall benefit from this more than defensive characters. I hope they address this, but I doubt it.

Really depends on the hero; I think it’ll be most useful on ana, zen, and maybe lucio and bap

The only one that might benefit from it is Zenyatta but only when it’s long range spamming because his self heal is already a passive heal and he can continue to heal while not being active in a fight because his orbs can linger. If any character is flanked or take peck damage, the passive is useless. All other healers have a better self heal and being healed by teammates actually gives ult charge.

For Tanks, that’s assuming they’ll be able to get into effective range in order to deal that damage: I highly doubt that 1200hp barrier on Reinhardt will be enough, unless they lower/remove the movement penalty when deployed. This applies to the other Tank heroes as well.

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They said to compensate for the new passive, supports’ self-healing abilities would be toned down. It’s in the megathread on supports.

And they compensate for this… by reducing tanks’ damage mitigation further and increasing their damage? No part of that, to me, reads “fights will have the same pace as they used to.”

EVEN THEN, players have been complaining about the current meta being too deathmatchy for ages.


Oh nice, so even our mid-combat self healing is going to be nerfed. Nice to know our passive is the only one with negative effects.


Source please, I’ve literally never seen this. The livestream certainly didn’t show off higher TTK

No, they’ve talked about how “main tanks” will be getting less survivability.

Like, yeah, it’s early, but since everything they’ve said for tanks/supports shows a net reduction of power, and the ONLY thing they’ve announced for DPS is a huge increase of power (role passive with movespeed), yeah, I’m concerned.


Honestly from what I’ve seen, the high defense tanks are getting their damage potential increased while their defense decreased whereas the lower defense tanks are getting increased damage and defense. Basically making defensive abilities more even across the board.

Mobility is still a mystery.

Haha, you’re kidding me.

Not granting as much ult charge means nothing. For tank players it’s a completely non interactive passive. Whether or not it exists it does not change the gameplay of a tank at all. It’s boring as hell.

Alright. He’s got two firestrikes. That each do less damage than one. It’s worthless. You’re sacrificing burst for the ability to make yourself vulnerable more frequently. We both know burst damage is more valuable than chip.

On to the next. You can turn better on charge and can cancel. Ok? Those are just quality of life upgrades. Nearly every hero still has a movement ability that they can use to just not get pinned. Is that worth losing what? 600? Shield HP. That’s not just protecting his team, that’s health for rein himself. Effective HP, drastically reduced. He’ll be more fragile and do less damage than ever, a complete nonentity.

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No shot you actually think that faster movement speed is better than blanket steadfast and passive regen.