"OW2 less strategic and deathmatchy"

The good thing about those 4 reworks tho is that they make the heroes easier to balance in this 5v5 setting, I don’t mind what they do but at least try something fresh and drastic, I mean it’s only a beta so they could literally try anything they wanted but instead we’re too focused on things like SJ and natural cover to worry about actual base kit changes that need to happen so everyone has a chance in 5v5

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You’re not supposed to stay in chokes, though. If standing in a choke with a barrier up was intended play, why does Rein’s shield have HP?

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Not having an FPS design doesn’t mean you don’t have to understand how to navigate in a shooter. A Rein can only position himself in a way that would normally be bad for as long as his shield is up. It’s a resource and getting the most out of it while acomplishing a goal is how you get value.

Mercy not being an FPS design isn’t going to stop her from being 1-shot by a Widow if she doesn’t respect the sight lines.

If you don’t want to play a shooter, don’t play Overwatch because it is a shooter and even if you don’t play a traditional FPS hero you still have to understand the dos and don’ts of a shooter.

I’m not coaching an OWL team because I have no interested in doing so and have never even attempted to be a team coach.

OW is a hobby, coaching is a hobby and the people I coach are happy with my work.

There’s no reason to be toxic towards people you disagree with.


nobody says you have to stay there forever. The shield is there to help your team move through it without having to take damage.

But that’s only half of the equation.

Indivual performance matters more as a team shrinks. Each player comes to represent a larger proportion of the team.

So yes, individuals have more carry potential. But individuals also have more capacity to bring down their team.

It’s a double edged sword.

One poor performing player on a soccer team is a lot different than one poor performing player in tennis doubles.


Why do you even post here after saying the forums are insignificant towards your alls’ decisions?

If you don’t care about us, just stop, please.


This is 100% true, and we all know there will be players who will use this to their advantage to drag others down.

Yeah, and then you have to win a team fight without the advantage of cover, unless your strategy is to use cover and win the team fight off the point…

Really you have 4 options for choke’s though usually you see the 5th option.

  1. Pick the defense (slow, not preferred)

  2. Flank (preferred, please inform people they can do this)

  3. Specialized way (Aka Taxi or wall) (glass blade (not cannon) and prone to fail, waste valuable time pulling it off.)

  4. Sacrificial lamb (done correctly with a teammate)

  5. Charging in and give the defenders Ult charge. (Aka feed or throwing)

Bold from you young man.
Asking the community manager himself to “shut up and get out of here”.

My respect :handshake:

Winstons didn’t drop their shields at the choke during Dive meta from what I can remember.

Everyone understands this, what you don’t get is that the reason why every rank plays different is because the lower you go the less people understand the game, less understansing of how to play heroes and overall worse mechanics.

It’s very rare for something to be balanced for OWL and broken in lower level of play. Reaper (50% lifesteal) and Bastion (30% iron clad) are the only two that come to mind. The vast majority of time when something is balanced for OWL, lower ELO players can’t play them because they don’t know what they are doing and then asks for buffs. Prime examples being D.va and Brig.

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This is simply false statement.
The carry potential in OW2 is even lower now because there is more team dependence when the team is smaller.

If you have played TDM in OW (which has even smaller team size) you would know that losing 1 team member means being instantly steamrolled by the other team.


A real community manager would not say

He said, “we hear you, we don’t care” and has the gall to pretend he has our best interests at heart.

He does not represent the community, he represents Blizz. Objectively. The days of unpaid community mods are gone. He literally is a paid Blizz employee.

Like, what even is a community manager? As if we need managed. As if they, blizzard, own the community instead of us gathering to support them. I really think they have the influence dynamic in reverse.


See this statement would work if on the screen on my right I did not have OWL streaming and there were not multiple times per game where the team with the first pick lost. In fact I managed to see, somehow, a fight where one team opened up with a 3k and still lost that fight.

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That is the beauty of it. You can use it it all different ways.
You can use it to push so the close range dps can get in position or you can just babysit bastion while the enemies are trying to get close.

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You wouldn’t have cared if they ignored every other place they receive feedback from and listened to this forum.

And you should unless you think the fight is winnable. TDM fights where players die and start trickling in to “help” their team just feeds free points to the other team.

Thankfully, TDM (and now OW2!) has a visual feedback showing that dying is tracked, so people are more likely to try to die as a team and regroup after being wiped.

What spaces are you talking about?

Youtube? Not looking rosey.
Reddit? Again, not good.

Are there some, like Facebook communities I’m missing?

The problem is they are ignoring just about everyone but the content creators and pros. The divide in this forums represents a very real divide among the full player base. Its not a microcosm.

These forums are starting to feel like irl politics right now. Nobody even has a shared reality anymore.

As for the infamous comment,
Whether they like it or not, that comment was permanently damaging to their image around these parts, and it will take much time and work to recover that image. Although, I don’t think good will is the goal here


This just sumps up the core problem of the game.
Having to die on purpose just to have a chance to win the next fight.

You won’t have to do that if the game was actually allowing for solo carrying.


Every social media, literally every where they post.
R/reddit isn’t much different from bnet but r/competitiveow typically don’t have the same opinions.

That statement is 100% facts. The forum represents a miniscule portion of the entire community and it’s arguably the smallest platform there is. Every forum is going to have trends in what they think is more important.