"OW2 less strategic and deathmatchy"


Honestly Not seeing a difference here…

Your point missed me

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Can we get an update on the meaty Sym changes before beta 3 :heart_eyes:. Will she be getting 9 more nerfs?! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see her left in the dirt again!!!


Btw, has anybody on the dev team tried making the Support passive uninterruptible 15hps.

Since I feel like a lot of these “Strategy vs Tactics” discussions is caused by Supports having to be way more involved with the shooter-game aspects of the game, without the tools to win 1v1s.

And the current regen passive is problematic because there’s no safe place for Supports most the time. So “Go to a safe place and regen” might not be the best fit for Supports trying to survive while getting dived.

If they could “Regen sustain” through a fight, that would either give them the chance to eventually edge out an attacker DPS to a kill/draw, or survive longer to get peeling.

So play dps and pick sombra, no one can see you. Seems like a stellar strat to me.

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Yea, nerfing Sym was weird.

Considering they had three other options around buffing her

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Sym mains are so fed up that they became sarcastic


You’d think that people would have learned this by now, but you’d also be surprised to learn that most people still think walking down the middle of Numbani’s streets is the objectively correct way to play Numbani A.


Is there a point to this?

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Oh I am so past sarcastic stage

We are on the psychiatrist stage


Anything to get the hero the attention she needs/deserves let’s stop focusing on things that aren’t a problem like mercy SJ and start reworking/buffing heroes that need it in 5v5 lol. Hog, Sym, D.va & Mercy need actual kit changes and help rather than pity buffs, I wouldn’t hate to see them get the Orisa, Sombra, Bastion and Doom treatment.

Not all characters have a fps design so yes its more boring to stay behind a wall and dont see half of the match …

Btw i think you are very smart why are you not coaching an owl team btw? You should consider… Or maybe ur just not.


Speak your truth queen

All maps are designed with shields in mind.
You can’t use natural cover if you have to be moving towards the point or when being on it.

Blizzard did a very good job at… not changing any of that for OW2.


Can you guys not derail this thread just because there’s a blue post?

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I still think Orisa needs a lot of work, they made her a noobstomper tank with a different paint job. Bastion is a bit UP in his current iteration and will likely need another buff by October. Sombra is annoying as always, but it feels like they took too much out of her kit so hack has no impact but nothing else really makes up for it.

I wouldn’t be begging for a clean sheet rework for Symmetra unless you have a very clear idea of what you want to see, because “just make her support” is doomed and trying to keep teleporter: the hero in the game is doomed to always be nerfed because of how strong teleporter is.

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Technically it’s on topic.

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*malds in Brig main*

If all maps were designed with shields in mind, every tank would have had one.

You are not supposed to be moving towards to point before you have won the fight, unless you are trying to split the enemy team by dragging people away. You move towards position from where you can win a team fight and then take the point.

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Yup, someday you will look back and see the glory in it.

The fact you seem to ignore like the dev’s that every rank plays differently. What is balanced for OWL may be completely OP for bronze. Then said bronze players move up and get destroyed and bring others back down with them as they descend.

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I guess the chokes being the size of rein’s shield is just coincidence then.

Also tell that to my team.

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