OW2 league watching experience

Watching it right now, and want to share my feedback.

It is UNWATCHABLE. Framerate seems like 10, or so, constant stuttering. With fast paced action You can’t see thing. Additionaly, rebuffers and lags. The first thing must be source material issue - YT stats show constant framerate and next to 0 dropped frames. Buffer issue is probably YT fault for not keeping up with demand.

At this point I believe most people stay on live stream only to get beta access and thos who want to watch the match to watch it will do it on VOD.

Summarizing - terrible experience. 1/10.

time to do what I used to do last season - quality to lwoest, audio muted, let it run in background to collect rewards and watch VODs later. If those are recorde properly.

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ya it is pretty choppy for sure, typical youtube.

I think most fault is on Blizzard site (or whoever their contractor is for that). Aside from buffering sometimes, video quality is fine. The stream is choppy. YT displays 60fps of stuttering source at 10fps.

I have 500 dropped frames from 200k. It’s 0,25%, no way that is responsible for this quality.

that multi-million dollar deal they signed with youtube was a very good idea :slight_smile:

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interesting though that neither team is sporting sojourn

For YouTube

She kinda sucks.

Good on ladder, not in scrims.