OW2 developer update?

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I think the devs told us way too much in the announcement just like the devs did for Remake. Now we have to wait to get actual news for Overwatch2

I assume you are trying to ask if I will be dissapointed if Aerith does not follow her classic route.

I will be.

Her role plays a huge importance on how the end of the game plays out.

And your point is?
Overwatch and Final Fantasy are entirely different games to compare the production times is entirely unfair. You may as well be calling for Overwatch to be the new Madden if all you want is a new number on the case. I will wait for Overwatch2 and hope that it brings more lore for these characters we all love

I don’t get why they don’t try to post little details every week or every month. post art designs on Instagram or twitter. even if it’s random emblems that go on buildings in maps. just small things. nobody needs every map and hero information but small little hints that eventually lead to the release date announcement and eventually release.

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It’s funny when Overwatch was announced, shortly after Blizzcon 2014 they would do a hero teaser(showcasing abilities and fancy videos, even full matches) throughout most of 2015. But with Overwatch 2, we have gotten next to nothing and it is a little upsetting, I understand why we aren’t getting new info but I feel like we need some now.


True. Also, as long as 2CP is in OW2, the game will never return to a mainstream success.

Seriously. Anything, even say if you estimate it coming in 2020. We got told one hero before OW2, and she’s out now. So that either means OW2 is relatively close or there’s gona be a loooooooong drought of no new characters.

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When and for how much.

“Developer Update| Overwatch 2 progress”

Yeah, if i see that pop up on my notifications, there is no holding back for me.

“What’s up guys! this is Jeff from the Overwatch TWO team! here with a brand new developer update, the time is finally upon us! we finally get to share more information about Overwatch 2 with you all!”

Well, man can dream i guess :wink:

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I just hope that BLizzard will be forced to release OW 2 with PS5 at the end of this year.


If hear or see these words “Overwatch 2 has gone gold.” I will crap my pants.

There are some big differences between OW1 & OW2’s leadups.

On the lead up to Overwatch 1:

  • 12 heroes and 3 maps announced at Blizzcon 2014
  • 6 heroes and 3 maps announced throughout the year
  • 3 heroes announced at Blizzcon 2015

On the lead up to Overwatch 2:

  • 1 hero and 4 (technically 5) new maps announced at Blizzcon 2019
  • Nothing else in the last 7 months since Blizzcon

With Overwatch 1, they kept us updated throughout the year of 2015 but with OW2, they have said virtually nothing about the game during 2020.

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It will easily go gold lol

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But the question is…when?

It wont be because every time Jeff mentions something people overhypes it 10000x and all of it ends with disappointment

Exactly, that explains why they are going dark, because you know what they say, “Don’t count the eggs before they hatch.”

I think you have to sell 500,000 copies to go gold. Overwatch 2 will easily do that lol

My guess is this: " What : Geoff Keighley, who created The Game Awards, will be hosting a series of digital events throughout the summer featuring “breaking news, in-game events, and free playable content.” Many large publishers are already on board, including Bethesda, Blizzard Entertainment, CD Projekt Red, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Riot, Sony, and Square Enix.

When : There will be multiple events throughout the months of May and August."

So probably July or August.

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No BlizzCon this year! I want OW2 news now!


I’d rather not see anything until it’s ready. I want to be surprised.

Your no fun XD Jeez!