OW2 developer update?

Can the Devs please give us some kind of update on OW2 ?:pray:

It’s nearly been 7 months since blizzcon, there must be something that they are able to show!


Anyone remembers the Christmas log of 2016 where Jeff said something like “a new hero at this time of the year” and something else, where he said “the new hero will be” and the stream got hacked for like 30sec to make us all hyped up and sad?

Yeah, that’s what will probably happen if we get ow 2 dev update


That would be really nice :heart_eyes:
I played some Uprising tonight and I had so much fun. I am soooo looking forward to OW2 :grinning:


What more is there to learn?


Please, the player base feels so in the dark. We need something…


Yeah, things like that are really cool. They will probably do an ARG for OW2.


Jeff said they were going to be quiet about OW2, so I don’t think there’s anything planned. Even if it’s really annoying.


They said they are going to be quiet for a few months. He said this in February


Lots actually. The content shown on that website is scratching the surface of what will come with the game.

There are plenty of unannounced heroes, maps, missions and hero skin redesigns. At some point they really should show us more and considering they have had 7 months to develop, I think now is a good time.


You know that blizzard’s few months mean at least 7 months.


Who knows what it means

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Yeah true. I’m guessing they are holding announcements until blizzcon :confused:


I’m really not interested in it anyway. So to me the can cancel it and I wouldn’t mind at all.

Hello, this is Jeff from the Overwatch 2 team.



They are going to add around 7 new heros and a bunch of new maps and you’re telling me you dont care :frowning:


I waited +15 years for FF7 Remake, 5 years since it was announced you’re telling me you can’t be patient and wait a few months?
Overwatch will be running side by side with Overwatch2 they will be the same game same maps, same heroes. Overwatch2 will differ in the all new PVE mode which will not be patched on to our current version of Overwatch. You will need Overwatch2 if you want to play the PVE mode, I myself am looking foward to the new things we will learn about this world.
Good things come to those who wait.


No because I am not getting OW2. All of that is just free for me so I really could care less about information that we wont get to play for another year.

we will for sure get some more info on blizzcon but don’t expect the release to be then, most likely it’ll release next year you know with covid and stuff delaying everything and everyone

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I totally get what you mean. I want overwatch 2 to be great and if we have to wait a year+, I’m ok with it. The longer they have to perfect the game, the better.

I just feel that since it is anniversary, surely it’s a good time to show us something?

I’m not asking for major announcements, it can be as small as a hero redesign. Even that would be good enough. It’s confirmed that plenty are finished, so why not tease them?


I hope they give the exact release date. Cause we won’t have any new heroes until then. So they can’t keep the players waiting forever.

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