OW2 developer update?

I leaned some stuff about Overwatch2 from this, hope it helps


Oh news, yea we going to probably get another blizzcon talking about OW2 because they have nothing else to show tbh.
We are just waiting now.

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Personally I aint worried about it, we’ll get it when we get it Im looking foward to it not alot can change that

It’s not that we’re in the dark. Frankly, we know the fundamentals of what we’re getting for OW2. We’re just missing the specifics - something we don’t need to know until the game launches. That’s fine with me though.

We’re not in the dark. Blizzard just gave us too much information all at once.

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Blizzard decided to make a sequel and are draining the life out of the content we get in overwatch 1. We have no clue how long its going to last so i would say we are in the dark. We deserve to know atleast when they think its going to be released.

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Not really. What exactly are they draining? All they said was that they’re going to slow down content for OW to focus on OW2. They’re not siphoning content from OW1 to put into OW2. They’re just not making a lot of content for OW1.

This is just disingenuous. We actually have a good idea of when OW2 will come out. As I’ve said previously, we just don’t know the specifics. Once again, that’s fine.

Anyway, from the looks of things (Blizz’s statements and the developers own words) OW2 seems to have been planned to launch for this year’s BlizzCon. The multiple leaks and Jeff’s own words in multiple interviews support this claim. If we’re being pessimistic, we can clock the release date so early - mid 2021. The problem I have is that corona has practically delayed everything.

(What a forum MVP thinks. He’s pretty reliable considering the fact that he organises a lot of information from the developers. What I’m saying is he’s one of the most knowledgable people here)

We’re really not. We know a lot about what’s to come for OW2…

Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been told:

How though? You can’t make guesses on when a game is going to be released when it isn’t close towards being finished. I’d rather they finish 95% of the game and then give us estimate dates. Anything less than 80% (of the game complete) is probably going to be innacurate anyway.

You are aware that anniversary is going on now and that there’s been a global pandemic that especially hitting the US - the country of origin for Blizzard - hard?

… They are looking for a writer.

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Are you kidding?

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Will you be disappointed as f if Aerith will not die in FF7 R? As a boomer day one PS one + FF7 combo I will be and pretty. :mask:

Why do I get a feeling that Jeff is going to respond to this? And then youtubers are going to blow it out of proportion…

I’m really exited about OW2 but we have to be patient. It’s better to get something when it’s presentable than have them rush it and leave a bad impression.

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that there’s been a global pandemic

No there isn’t. You’re just brainwashed by the media

Is coronavirus not a global pandemic lol?

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And how many final fantasy games have you had in between? At least 8.

20 characters…

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I think the devs told us way too much in the announcement just like the devs did for Remake. Now we have to wait to get actual news for Overwatch2

I assume you are trying to ask if I will be dissapointed if Aerith does not follow her classic route.

I will be.

Her role plays a huge importance on how the end of the game plays out.

And your point is?
Overwatch and Final Fantasy are entirely different games to compare the production times is entirely unfair. You may as well be calling for Overwatch to be the new Madden if all you want is a new number on the case. I will wait for Overwatch2 and hope that it brings more lore for these characters we all love

I don’t get why they don’t try to post little details every week or every month. post art designs on Instagram or twitter. even if it’s random emblems that go on buildings in maps. just small things. nobody needs every map and hero information but small little hints that eventually lead to the release date announcement and eventually release.

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It’s funny when Overwatch was announced, shortly after Blizzcon 2014 they would do a hero teaser(showcasing abilities and fancy videos, even full matches) throughout most of 2015. But with Overwatch 2, we have gotten next to nothing and it is a little upsetting, I understand why we aren’t getting new info but I feel like we need some now.


True. Also, as long as 2CP is in OW2, the game will never return to a mainstream success.