OW2 Balance Team new Q&A

Hello Mr andy

Do you know if there will be an ExC anytime soon

Its ok if you cant say…keep being awsome andy!!


I still hope to get an Overwatch 2 section soon in the forum with AMA recaps, feedback and discussion section :crossed_fingers::pray:

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It could end up that Zarya needs both bubbles to simply survive out there on the front lines, and being able to bubble others becomes a niche use. And that would be a real shame.


Will Moira be reworked for OW2?

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What i want to see is an “Esports discussion” category. Keeping OWL thoughts and summaries away from general and spoilers away from Encore watchers

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For future AMA’s it’s likely.

For this one, we specifically targeted the r/Competitiveoverwatch subreddit with minimal lead up in an effort to garner high quality questions, giving Geoff and Josh the chance to provide meaningful answers to hot questions in the community right now.


So, question when can we expect the next news about Ow2 or in general?

We’ll eventually get to the point where we can host a Q&A here in the forums. I still need to spend some more time on the boards, working with all of you, to create an environment that would lead to a productive session for all involved.

Absolutely, however I do want to acknowledge the intrinsic value of us actually responding to player lead conversation. The ultimate goal should always be for us to be a part of the conversation, not necessarily always leading it.


By excluding big part of the community on purpose you are either saying:

“we don’t care about your opinion”
“we only listen to what we want to hear”

What happened to “every opinion matters”? :thinking:
That is pretty discriminative you know.
Big yikes.


God, I am so glad you communicate with us, Andy. Seriously, this level of communication from the team is so appreciated!


My guess is the hacked damage buff got knocked down. +50% is actually pretty bonkers for a character that can apply the debuff while invisible and then smoke you from point blank, with a free “escape to Narnia” ability in their pocket if they fail.

The pro feedback seemed to generally trend with this, and Geoff even mentioned that Sombra assassinating supports was kind of an issue with their own playtests.

Doomfist as a tank means he’s the only source of CC on his team though. It’s not like it is now where you can have ball/fist playing volleyball with you the whole match. He’s also an extremely selfish dive pick if they keep his kit largely the same, so he’ll provide little to no actual support to his team in that role outside trying to get picks with solo dives.

Honestly, I’d think Doomfist would be a little UP as a solo tank, even if they beefed up his HP to 500 base (+250 for shield passive). He’s very annoying to play against as a support, but not very good if you can weather his dive and trash him when he runs out of ways to juggle you.

Well, that’s the thing. If he’s going to be underpowered and infuriating to go against, I’d rather just not even go that route.

I’m glad the Q&A seems to have addressed a lot of early concerns. It’s comforting to hear that the playtests came to different conclusions than the showcase.

watches players get melted

Big support impact right there. Reminds me of the big impact in Dive where it was damage boost from Zen that generally lead the enemy Zen to die first, lol.

They must be playing a vastly different game then the OWL preview because I don’t see it.

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Geoff still hasn’t said what’s going on with Sym Healer rework yet.

It’s been 5-6 months of silence since.
( I miss the Q&A, no one asked about Sym Healer Rework )

Closure would nice.

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They never said they were actually doing it, just that they might try it again and give it another shot.

I believe it was something along the lines of “be willing to try”

I don’t think Doomfist is really that bad and I’m a hard Zen one trick. Making him into a tank is the only way he can reasonably keep his CC, and if they keep him in DPS they’ll just make his kit more annoying in other ways (like making rocket punch deal more damage instead of knockback maybe not instagibbing you).

Think about how they changed shield bash since they took away the stun, now think about Doomfist’s entire kit relying on stuns and juggles. Imagine what they’d give him if they took away the CC. Make the apricot man a tank. Please god. :pray:

Closure would nicer…

my copy/paste skills that i have honed over many many years were tried and tested…but i persevered…

(Thank You)


Of course, then phrase the question as such.

“Is there any current plans to rework sym into a support?”


“How’s the Sym healer rework going, any updates? Why hasn’t it been addressed?”

One assumes they’re totally trying it.