OW1 Skins missing?

im on xbox and lost literally everthing but my name, surely theres a fix?

wait until they fix it is all you can do

My account finished merging but the skins you get for buying the Game of the Year Edition are locked :neutral_face:

Im missing skins that i had/would get from owning Overwatch origins. All the skins that you get for owning the original games are locked and i did not receive the founders pack. i know you guys are hard at work trying to fix it all, so thank you.

I got everything back from ow1 today. Guess you just have to keep waiting.

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Still not been able to play since launch as the game thinks I’m a new player. Weird cos no heroes are locked and I have my founder skins etc, contenders and watchpoint pack but nothing else. Don’t even have my owl skins anymore. No currencies, no comp points etc.
I just wanna get in and play as the longer this goes on the less time I have to complete the battle pass!

im missing my overwatch goty edition skins like blackwatch reyes security officer pharah etc.

Also missing Hydra (Symmetra) and I don’t even know what else. Hate it

Same here. The issues with previous missing skins is not resolved unfortunately.

my leagacy skins such a reaper morrison bastion overgrown widomaker noire are missing i cant play them i got all star reinhardt but thats all

Symmetra - Hydra
Lucio - Poison Dart
Hanzo - Dark Wolf

Could you please check if these are the skins you are missing? If so, we have literally the same problem. Interestingly, it looks like they’re just not in the game.


I have the same issue. I’m missing all of skins, sprays everything.

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i am missing most of my skins

yeah im missing all skins i had in OW1 :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yep same for me. When I first logged in I saw that Symmetra didn’t have my hydra skin equipped. Even after the maintenance and patches, still no hydra skin. Hope that get this fixed soon or give us a another update on where they are at.

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Same here 1:1. I didn’t knew about Symmetra, but I decided to check I’m missing this too!

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All my skins are missing as well. I clicked on Moira and her Blackwatch skin was gone and so were the rest of the ones I had.

Yeah all my skins are gone as well as my emotes, win poses, sprays and Highlight Intros. I merged my account and they were gone.

go to battlenet client and swap/switch the region server from EU/NA to ASIA so you can fix it