OW will never be popular again. OW is dead as IP

This is a 5v5 gameplay. Look how much stuff is on screen. No wonder why this game doesn’t bring new players and is considered a meme game. Dude joins a QP match against sweaty players, too much stuff happening on his screen, he rages quit and never comes back.


And you guys want 6v6. I can’t imagine playing this game in 6v6 with how many CCs tanks have right now and how narrow the latest maps are. It would require another remake/sequel or big patch to balance stuff.

I think we are at a point where we can’t come back anymore and can’t progress, making this game much better than its predecessor and bringing new people to this wonderful IP.

Sadly, only people at pro level know how to play 5v5 properly.

They have paid OWL teams $6m to end their contracts, you can’t get worse than this. Greed has engulfed this game, and it’s saddens me to see this game dying and fall this low.


the thing is 6v6 with two tanks brought a certain structure to the game. 5v5 feels like a Deathmatch for how chaotic it is. (Don´t get me wrong, 6v6 was also chaotic but you had an established and stable frontline, something 5v5 misses.


Yeah, they ruined their chances to keep the game a raging success, but I think they can still keep it afloat and have a strong, faithful playerbase for many many years to come if they fix a few things…but that is another can of worms.

Honestly this is a major piece for lower elo games. Two tanks created a great stability there which in turn made it more enjoyable as an arcade shooter.