OW Tranquility - LF More Teams for Season 3 (2.65k and 3.3k teams for respective divs)


Hi my name is Cavalier,

I currently run and operate the OW Tranquility Community. It is a weekly head to head tournament with 16 teams per tier. We play a full regular season, then playoffs, finally with an allstar matchup. We have a weekly podcast “The Iris” which highlights the happenings of the week as well as fun stats and guest commentary.

We currently have two remaining spots for our Season 3 (starting July 31, matches to be played Wednesday evenings 8:30 EST) discord tier (2800-3650 with a 3300 team avg) and two spots for our Harmony tier (2000-2999 with a 2650 team avg). If you, or your team are interested in participating please come join our discord discord. gg/JCUxVh9 or message me directly for more information. We offer logo design for incoming teams as well.