OW Server Crashed - Anyway to appeal SR loss?

Same thing happened to me such bs technically i lost anywhere between 70-80sr just because the servers are bad and they say

yet if i was trying to be a “dishonest player and trying to bypass the leaver penalties” then why would i join back hmmm… and on top of that win the game. typical devs dont care about the players and cant admit when they are at fault. considering people have been kicked from their games a lot today i dont see why players should be punished for playing the game. ontop of the fact that i will have to win 3 games in a row just to get back at the point in which i should be is just wrong.


Did you even read what he said?

The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused

It cannot detect it dude.

Please fix my issue. Banned despite rejoining, allowed to connect only after 2 mins

Don’t hijack posts with other topics. Just invite the user to your topic instead searching one of the older bugs and making this thread active.

Wow reading all this and the tech support replies, Blizzard really doesnt care about fans at all. I’ll stop defending them when my friends start bagging them. This is like EA levels of not gaf.


This is not a server crash issue, but it seems like a near insurmountable task to lodge a ticket (unlike in WoW). Just wanted to talk to like a GM or something.

I queued for competitive play, and was browsing the hero gallery. Then suddenly when I pressed esc to go back to the menu (while in queue), the game bugged out?

Showed that I was entering the match, showed the role queue UI screen, then showed that I left the match within a span of 2 seconds? Following that, I was suspended and lost 50 SR? Wtf? I didn’t leave. And my internet is completely fine. My game is fine, it didn’t crash. And after I ‘left’ and it showed my suspension, I apparently still had access to the /m match chat for a while. So what gives, I didn’t do anything and got punished and lost my SR? Makes me feel like I wasted my time. Someone please shed some light on this issue.

Edit: After reading around the forum, I realized overwhelmingly many people face SR loss due to various issues, some justifiable, some not, which makes it really tough and not easily discernible for Blizzard to help players, even IF they were ever willing to pursue avenues such as SR refund. I understand/agree Blizzard’s point of view that over time the SR loss will even out, but at the end of the day the issue of great frustration still exists. Most importantly, while on the surface it may seem to only be about the SR, but the fact of the matter is that it was about the time spent and the time lost. Hours of effort and mental energy spent supporting the franchise and ‘enjoying’ the game lost within seconds. Solving the problem with the aforementioned one-size-fits-all solution essentially conveys to me that my time spent supporting the franchise is negligible, ‘there’s always more time you can spend to get your SR back in the long run’.

Nonetheless, I recognize that until there’s a discernible way to combat this issue, all players can do is take to forums to ‘vent their frustration’, and have their issues lumped all in the same category with the solution that SR loss will even out in the long run.