OW randomly keeps disconnecting me

The title says it all. This isn’t a super common occurrence, but it really frustrates me. I load up a competitive game, the game gets stuck for a few seconds, blizzard disconnects me and I get a leaver penalty. What is going on?

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This means that your client isn’t able to establish a connection to the server where the match is being hosted. Other players are connecting and the server is still functioning, so you are marked as a leaver for not joining. It’s best to avoid competitive modes until you get to the bottom of this.

No, the connection does get established, because it happens after I choose my character and I walk around for about 10 seconds.

Okay, this info is a bit different than the earlier explanation. Do you have the packet loss or network trouble icons appearing in the top left corner?

I do occasionally get the packet loss icons. Not sure what they mean though or how to fix them.

Packet loss, if it’s happening often and for long periods of time, will make it so your client can’t respond to the Overwatch server and cause a disconnection. It depends on where the packet loss is happening when it comes to fixing it. Are you playing on WiFi? Technically, this is not ideal for a game like Overwatch. Have you done the steps pinned at the top of the forum for the WinMTR?

If you need help interpreting the results you can post them here.